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It's Hard To Travel With An African Passport

Here's Emma Nzioka's story

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 24, 2023, 11:55 AM

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It’s common nowadays to go online and read about the struggles Africans face when flying. The one thing we’ve all heard, even if you haven’t flown before, is that we have a harder time getting access to Europe and America as we are considered a risky population.

This happens even to the best of us. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high-profile individual attending an event of international standards. It’s all about your passport.

A local DJ Emma Nzioka shared her story with The Guardian.

She was set to perform at an event in Cape Verde but couldn’t make it at all due to her transit flight through Amsterdam. She was asked to purchase a return ticket as prove she would go back home.

These countries argue that some people refuse to leave once in and thus, have to meet certain requirements before they even get onto their first flight.

Most African travellers loathe these measures as some say it tears into our dignity as a people. Why are some people from certain parts of the world considered a risk? These hardships have been captured in the book “Travelling While Black” by Nanjala Nyabola.

“The perception is that certain travellers with different racial backgrounds are inherently riskier because of who they are,” says Nyabola.

Have you ever gone through something similar while travelling?