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How Can You Travel More Often?

Have fun on a budget.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 31, 2023, 06:40 PM

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What comes to mind when you hear the word travel? For some of us, we consider travelling something that happens over a long distance that involves a lot of planning and budget. As a result, you might find yourself in a position of not going anywhere except when you really have to.

However, you can change that by taking advantage of a few things we will share with you. It’s time for you to start planning for your first trip of many, see and enjoy what life has to offer.

Look For Cheap Places.

Travelling doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For most of us, money might be holding us back from moving around often but you can go around this by scouting for cheaper destinations. On this, you need to take into consideration what it will cost you to access certain places, food costs and everything in between.

Look Out For Deals And Offers.

Don’t let anyone make fun of you for making the most out of offers. These will help you in becoming a more frequent traveller. Plus, you save much of the money you will have otherwise had to spend without the offer. 

Make Use Of The Long Holidays.

Time is one factor that limits a lot of people from travelling. There are just so many things that are competing for our attention that taking a trip out slides down the priority list. The good news is whenever one of those long holidays swings around, you should take advantage and go away from your usual destinations. 

For Those Who Travel For Business.

Great! You don’t have to foot the bill for a large portion of this trip. As busy as you will be, you will still get some time to go around the city but not enough to help you engage on a deeper level.

Guess what, instead of taking the flight back home after you are done with business, you can stay around and have a break. If you know someone in the city you are in, let them know that you are around. They can help you enjoy your time there more as they might organise a few dinners or outings on the weekends or weeknights.

Your Next Door Towns Or Cities.

Yes! If you are someone who thinks of travelling as having to go on a long-haul journey, perhaps that’s why you feel like you can’t do it often. The town next to you is certainly worth exploring. Map out what you want to do and where you’ll like to go. Maybe the magic is in these kinds of short trips.

Pick Pocket-Friendly Dates.

If affordability is one of your worries, book trips during the off-peak season. Prices are bound to be lower as there isn’t a lot of rush. This also means that you want to be flexible enough to switch your dates in case things have to shift. This depends on your schedule as well. Does it allow you to move around the dates or are you operating on a fixed schedule?

Be Intentional.

A lot of us yearn to travel but we only write it in our to-do lists and then leave it there. Throughout the year, we don’t make meaningful plans on where we want to go and how we are actually going to make it happen.

When the holiday comes around, that’s when we try and shoe-horn everything in a rush. At times, we do it because of FOMO, so that we can at least say that we went somewhere. For you to travel more, you need to prioritise it just as much as you prioritise anything else in your life.

Save Money.

In as much as we have shared ways you can minimise your travelling costs, that doesn’t mean that you will not be spending any money. You still have to budget to ensure that you have a good time and can take off your expenses and anything else that comes up. 

One way of doing this efficiently is by setting aside a sum every month or however, you chose. This will help you to keep track of the amount you have to save and break down your expenses.