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Women In Film: Africa's Storytellers

Their work are will be screened at Pavillon Afriques.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 21, 2023, 08:53 PM

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The biggest event that brings together African cinema and that of its diaspora started on Tuesday and enters its fourth day today. So far, two screenings have been done and a third one will be on today. In total, Pavillon Afriques will have 14 screenings with the last on May 25 when the event draws to a close.

As you ready yourself to watch the films, we’d like to shine a light on those who work round the clock behind the scenes and in front of the camera to make it happen. Here’s a profile of four filmmakers whose work will be presented at Pavillon Afriques.

Alexandra Amon, ORANGE TV & ZIV.

French-Ivorian filmmaker has received high praise from some of the biggest publications in the world. She’s been described as Africa’s new cinema prodigy and in 2017, she was listed in the 100 Most Influential Africans by New African Magazine.

She is a producer, writer and actress and made her acting debut in 2014 on an award-winning television series Chroniques Africaines. Since then, Alexandra has established herself in the film industry, having started her film production company ZIV in 2012.

Other films she’s acted in include Boutique Hotel, Fix Us and 20:30:40. Her film Eternel premieres at Pavillon Afriques.

Chuckwunonso Angel Dureke.

Nigerian-American film producer, writer and director is the founder of Dureke Productions, a multimedia production house and creative agency. Chuckwunonso is known for films such as Titles, Bride Price, Plantain & Proverbs and Alemanji, which premieres at Pavillon Afriques

Other projects that she’s worked on include Black Excellence, The Black Code Project and Titles. Additionally, she has a blog Nkem’s Life through which they share stories and help other people connect with their own. 

Sonia Aimy.

Sonia is a Nigerian musician and actress whose many talents have captured many hearts. She has an extensive track record in both fields having produced some of the best albums Reconnect and Nigerian Spirit.
She’s also been involved in memory. She was the executive producer and director of the film TRACE; Tracing African Canadian Extraordinaire, which will be screened at Pavillon Afriques

Other projects she’s been involved in include IL Paradiso, IL Mistero di Dante and Cantiri d’Italia among others. Additionally, she speaks several languages; Italian, French and English.

Nathalie Wemambu.

Nigerian-Irish film producer and music supervisor will be making a presentation at the event on the role of African music in films. Additionally, her film The Prettiest Ones Are The Loniest will be screened.

Nathalie is also passionate about using her expertise in law to help indie musicians find their place in the industry. She is working on building a bridge between music and films to ensure that filmmakers utilise the musical talent we have on the continent to tell our stories better.