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Used Up Social Media Habits That Should Die

The social media traditions that need to remain in 2022

BY Beryl Karimi-La Patrona

Jan 02, 2023, 12:21 PM

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The social media community has held onto some things for so long and it is time they go. We cannot keep the same cringe traditions in a fast-evolving world.

Here are a few suggestions on how we can reinvent ourselves in the new year.

Arguing About Cooking

I have used the internet for five years and I am certain we have argued about this subject every year. Not once and not twice but on different occasions every other month.

Some women are invested in their oppression so they are always going to cook. A lot of men are patriarchal so they are always going to defend their right to cook and there are those of us who refuse to cook as a sign of rebellion and it is okay.

What is not okay is arguing every month about who is supposed to cook when we know very well we are never going to resolve it.

In 2023, let us live and let other people live how they please.

Shaming Random Women For Their Dressing Choices

This is a weird behaviour that goes on the internet, especially on that app called Twitter.

Men will pick a photo of a random woman they have never met and build a discourse on whether she is marriageable or not. 

It is weird behaviour and creepy and should not be carried into 2023 because women do not live for the male gaze.

Bullying 30+ Women

This has been going on for as long as social media apps have existed. Men wake up every morning to remind women above the age of 30 they are expired and they will die alone. 

This is not only bad behaviour, it is literal bullying. I do not understand what is it about the existence of older women that gets internet misogynists all hot and bothered.

If you do not want to marry women above the age of 30 well and good. Do not.
Just stop directing all your vileness to them.

Bullying Childfree People

Childfree people have heard everything on the internet. From being promised a life of loneliness and aloneness to being called selfish. 

They have been bullied and shamed for their choices and this is something we all need to stop doing in the coming year. 

Another person's womb should not be your problem or concern. It is not yours. If you are interested in having a baby, knock yourself out by all means. You have your reproductive organs.

The same goes for men. You manufacture your sperm. I do not understand how another man choosing not to procreate affects you at a personal level. 

Let us move into the new year with the spirit of minding our business.

Ending Your English Sentences With A Vernacular Language

This is a huge thing among South Africans and the Luo Community in Kenya. You start following a funny conversation and then they shift to their language when you least expect it.

That is unfair because what are we supposed to do with ourselves if we were already invested in the story? 

Arguing About Who Is Going To Take The Front Seat.

If you have been on the internet long enough you have argued about this question. Is it the wife or the mother-in-law? It is such an absurdity and I truly do not understand why we keep bringing it back. 

We have to develop some creativity in this new year. Children born in 2005 are old enough to have Twitter and they cannot find us arguing about the same question from 2012. They will hate us.

Dinner With Jay Z

This is how the question goes, "What would you take, Dinner with Jay Z or 500,000 dollars?"

I do not know if it is a valid question but I do know we have been answering this question for 10 years now. Gen Alpha cannot find us on the internet still doing it. They will never let us live it down. 

Let us come up with new material in the new year, please.

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