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The Charges Against Organized Religion

And why young people are leaving the church

BY Beryl Karimi-La Patrona

Jan 15, 2023, 05:04 PM

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Sundays used to be church days but now they are the days when most people nurse crazy hangovers from drunken nights. This is because more and more people are leaving the church and you have to wonder at what point did people become so disillusioned about Christianity?

People step out of organized religion all the time but when young people give up their roots, it's a signal of a deeper problem. For you to leave a church you grew up in and made your first friends in, means that the church must have failed you in one way or the other. No one leaves a place that feels like home on a whim, not unless the home is hurtful to them.

Here are a few reasons that are keeping young people out of the church. 

Shuns Single Mothers

The church is famous for shunning women who become mothers before marriage. Currently, 40% of households are run by single mothers, which means that according to the rules of our churches, almost half of the population isn't welcomed.

No one wants to go to a place where they are judged and made to feel like a sinner which is why most people are always going to step out of organized religion the moment they become mothers before marriage. 

Shields Predators 

For a place that shuns women for giving birth, it sure holds a lot of space for abusers. This is a problem, especially with the Catholic church, whose priests have been accused of sodomizing young boys serving in the church.

Such accusations should not be taken lightly. There should be accountability, yet we haven't seen much done by the Catholic church. 

That will continue driving people away from the church because no one wants to take their child to a place where they will be preyed upon by predators that often go unchecked.

Enables Abuse 

The church is not pro-women. It is pro-marriage. You will report your abuser and they will ask you to pray for him. You will tell them a man is beating you up and they will still send you home to him because they frown upon divorce.

Many women have died because of pastors who kept asking them to go back despite all the abuse they were experiencing in those marriages. 

By feeling alienated by places that should offer them a certain level of protection, most women opt to stay out of the church. They will continue to until the church starts prioritizing the well-being of victims of intimate partner violence. 

Perpetuates Misogyny 

A lot of biblical teachings are rooted in the subjugation of women. They teach submission and subservience and deny women autonomy over their bodies by dictating how they should dress and be. 

That misogyny manifests itself in slut shaming and inequality that is a result of men being told that they are the head of homes in churches.

As more women and girls become rooted in the fight against inequality, they leave the church because it is the place where they are explicitly told that they are the helpers of men as if it was a thing to be proud of. 

Churches Becoming Business Entities

Churches have slowly transformed into money-making entities that are always asking for money from their members. 

They guilt trip you to pay the tithes and in no time you are also fundraising to get the pastor a car. Just when you think you are done after they buy a car you are then asked to fundraise again to help the pastor build a house.

Everything revolves around money. Even the respect you are given in church depends on how much money you give during fundraisers. 

This greediness has driven a lot of people out of the church because they also know that even Jesus would not have accepted living within the existence of such greed.

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