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The Characters You’ll Find In High School

Which character describes you?

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 17, 2023, 02:38 PM

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High school can be a fun yet daunting experience. It is a period where so many things are happening to you and it is easy to lose sight of yourself.

It is probably the height of puberty which comes with its own challenges. It is also a time when some of you will be leaving home for the first time as you go to boarding schools. 

For this reason, you will need to be prepared to do life on your own during your stay in school. One of the things that’ll help you, especially if you are joining high school, is knowing what to expect. 

There are so many things to look forward to so in this post, we will focus on the types of people you are likely to encounter when you go to high school. 

The Bully

Luckily, I was never bullied. Not even when I was in form one. How did I escape what many see as a ‘rite of passage’ of sorts to usher in the newbies? Well, I can’t really explain it.

I should probably say that I studied in Nairobi as the region you are in plays a huge role. That said, even in the most peaceful of schools, expect to find one. That student who likes everyone to know how nasty they are or can be if you cross their line, refuse to give in to her demands and if you dare stand up for yourself.

They might be charming but at the same time, you will not fail to notice their aggressive side. What do you do when you are confronted by one? Well, not reacting is one way of handling it. Basically, don’t let her get a rise out of you. Don’t compete with them on the bullying or show them how tough you can be.

Star Athlete

Believe it or not, I was a star athlete. My school was the best in basketball, which I played for a bit, but opted for football as it was and still is my favourite sport. I was not the only one. The basketball team had a few stars but the team captain was the best. She was known by everyone and even in other schools. When you come across them, please enjoy them and their talent.


There is always a clique in every girls' school. I don’t think this will surprise you as you probably came across it whilst in elementary. These girls can be mean and if you don’t match up to their standards, expect them to make you a target. 

They will make you feel as if your life is trash and raise your desire in joining them. They walk together, eat together, and do most things together. Hell. If they could all sleep in the same cubical they would. 

The Quiet Ones

You will look at them and wonder what they are thinking about, what’s their opinion on things and whether they talk at all. This group seem aloof and hard to read. People are often cautious around them, as they don’t know what to expect from them. What they say is usually held in high regard as people don’t often hear from them. You are more likely to get along with them.


When other people are complaining about the morning prep, the bookworm is already in class studying. They are the ones who are ahead of the teacher by a chapter or two. They go to the library and get supplementary books for every subject. Basically, they’ll make you feel like you are wasting your school fees. What should you do? Do not copy them. Create a schedule that works for you. 


 They always top the class and are good at almost everything. They handle their duties well, spread their beds neatly, their uniforms look ironed even when you don’t have an iron box in school and are considered for a lot of things like representing the school in different functions. Before I forget, they are always the reference point for discipline and everything good.  

The Overly Social

One of my classmates was exactly this. She was a social butterfly. Everywhere she went, she always made friends or at least, generated a conversation.  Her energy was infectious which explains why she made friends with the senior students more quicker than probably everyone else. Whenever she was quiet, it was because she was asleep but as soon as her eyelids were open, she did what she did best - being social.