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The Boldies: A Classic Show That SM Isn't Always Real

Don't always believe what you see on Instagram.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 23, 2023, 12:12 PM

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The opening sequence of the film oozes class, style, glam, high fashion and high life. The five friends - Angela, Samantha, Hélène, Melissa and Aissa - have things going right for them and like any other girl group, find time to debrief.

All of them live in different countries and are doing well in their careers. Their love lives have taken off although Anglea’s is the highlight during the four-part series as she is about to get married. Her impending wedding ceremony brings all the girls together in Doula Cameroon.

For the most part, we get to see the happy, funny side of all of her friends as they arrive in pomp and colour. They gather to have drinks and catch up with one another. However, this doesn’t reflect the entire picture of their lives.
As the series unfolds, they reveal the hidden truths. Angela admits to having a secret lover and almost ditches her wedding.
At her bachelorette party, she hears Melissa throwing up and confronts her about it. Melissa discloses that she dislikes her body and always forces herself to throw up after meals. 
Samantha is the kind of woman you want to go out with. She is the life of the party. However, behind her expensive tastes and love for the finer things, she is secretly broke and made everyone believe that she is doing well in the United States.

Aissa seems to be level-headed and the calmest of all. During a spa visit, she reveals her struggles getting pregnant and receives much-needed support from her friends. 

Fake It Till You Make It.

The Boldies reminds me of the polarity of modern-day life. Social media has made us believe that everyone else is doing well in their life because all we see are the happy moments people post.

After Samantha's bank card bounces twice, Helene questions her lifestyle. Samantha finally reveals that she is broke much to the shock of Helene who along with their group, are under the impression that she is living a good life. 

Behind all the smiles and glamorous looks on social media is a dark side that we don’t want anyone to see, not even our closest friends. For some of us, the secrets eventually come out but for others, they stick. 

The last episode ends with Angela having shaken off her attempt to cancel her wedding and ready to walk down the aisle when a call from her secret lover leaves her wondering if, in fact, she is making the right decision. 

You Can Be Successful In Your Home Country.

Due to her struggles in the United States, Helene advises Samantha to return back home and start afresh. She even uses Angela as an example to show her that she can become successful in Cameroon. However, she doesn’t want to as she says that it will be an embarrassment to her family

It’s a reality that so many people who travel abroad for greener pastures face. There’s always pressure to do well, send money back home and flaunt our success. It is only now that more people are talking about the struggles of living and working abroad. 

Celebration Of Girl Squads.

There’s nothing more exciting than having your childhood friends stand with you during some of the most important moments of your life. The Boldies present a strong group dynamic who are genuinely happy with each other and will stop at nothing when it comes to celebrating one of their own. Each of them jet into the country for Angela and she is deeply moved by the support.

A Subtle But Striking Sell By Bold Make-Up.

The film is produced by The Bold Make Up Brand who provide a masterclass in marketing and entertainment. The director ensures that the brand is visible to viewers even though the actors do not dwell on convincing us that they are the best and you should consider buying them. It’s a subtle sell.

Let's be honest, the makeup is perfectly done and you might be inclined to ask what brands they are using (we aren’t endorsing them) this is purely the writer's observation.