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Ramata-Toulaye Sy Impresses Cannes

What they said about her first feature film.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 25, 2023, 07:00 PM

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If there’s one name that viewers and followers of the Cannes Film Festival might have walked in not knowing and left knowing, it’s that of Senegalese-French Director Ramata Toulaye Sy. 

Her debut feature film Banel & Adama caught the attention of many and has reminded people of Mat Diop. 

In interviews she has done, Ramata admitted that she wasn’t expecting to be among the competitors but after she sent her film to Cannes Film Festival, it was first accepted in Un Certain Regard, a category that largely features new filmmakers and then later it was elevated to the highest category ‘In Competition’.

After it officially premiered on Saturday at the biggest film festival in the world, Cannes Film Festival, a lot of reviews have been done on it and safe to say that she impressed many with her visuals, choice of location, characters and how the film embodies different cultures - Senegal, Europe - as a result of her dual nationality.

Additionally, Ramata revealed that she started out as a screenwriter but later took on directing after she'd learnt the craft of directing. This was not her first as she directed a short film titled' Astel'.

Even though she didn't take home the Palme d'Or award, it turned out beautifully for her and the continent as Cannes continues to be challenged to consider more films from this part of the world.

Will she take her film to her home country Senegal? Yes. She confirmed that she will take her film to Senegal and premier it in a new cinema venue that was recently launched.

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