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Meghan, Harry: Is Going Public The Solution?

Why they are justified to do it

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 06, 2023, 06:15 PM

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Ever since Prince Harry went public about his relationship with American actress, now Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, there’s always something to be said about it.

Theirs is a relationship that’s stirred a lot of public debate about so many things and people from all sides are fully invested with strong opinions about it. It is not just about them. It is about an institution, the Royal Family and the United Kingdom. 

Also, the fact that Meghan Markle is a woman of colour adds another dimension that’s led to endless conversations about the treatment of black people not just in Western democracies but around the world.

After their glamourous wedding in 2018, it seems all was well until both made the decision to step back from Royal duties three years into it to pursue their own financial independence. Also, they stated that they wanted to live away from the limelight and headed for the United States.

That was not going to be the last we would hear of them. They went on and did an explosive interview with Oprah and have been on our screens much more than someone chasing a private life would want. 

In these interviews, they’ve lifted the lead about their life in the British monarchy and as you all know, much of it has not covered the Royal Family in glory. 

From allegations of bullying to racism, they have given the public an inside view of a highly mysterious institution whose response we are all waiting for, even though we know it’s unlikely to come. 

Ahead of the release of Harry's memoir, Spare, Prince Harry has said that he doesn’t regret speaking publicly and it is all about protecting his wife and wanting his ‘family back’. Are they justified? Here are some of the reasons why they are.

They Have The Right To

I’ve heard a lot of people and the so-called royal experts say that Harry and Meghan should have kept things low as is the way of Royal life. OK, granted, the institution has its rules, which no one denies, but didn’t they say that they asked for help and never got it? 

Additionally, they are no longer working members of the Royal Family and thus aren’t bound by its rules anymore. This gives them the right to basically speak up. They are not the first people to talk about their family situation publicly and won’t be the last so let them be.

It’s A Cry For Help

Meghan and Harry are possibly crying out for help. The reason why they are blowing the cover of this mysterious institution is that they feel suffocated and help hasn’t been forthcoming.

They are hoping that speaking out will better the institution and get them to address some of the issues that it might have been hesitant to. In interviews that Harry has done as part of his unreleased book, he is extending an olive branch to his family and hoping they’ll come to the table for talks.

When Silence Is Compliance

OK. This phrase is thrown around whenever it is appropriate for whoever is saying it and you might use these words against me but hear me out. Some of the issues they are raising have long been associated with the Royal Family, for instance, racism and therefore some of the allegations aren’t farfetched. Aren’t we the society that encourages people to speak up against abuse? Why then is it an issue when Meghan and Harry do?

Is This A Lasting Solution?

It all depends on so many things, doesn’t it? Some are of the opinion that both Meghan and Harry have done irreparable damage whilst others state that it should be the beginning of an honest conversation about the Royal Family and its role in modern-day Britain. What’s your take?