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How Michelle Obama Deals with Fear

From a tell all interview about her book The Light We Carry

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 14, 2023, 08:42 PM

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Fear is not a word you would associate with the former US first lady Michelle Obama. Her demeanour and presence always cut a confident figure who’s figured out life entirely and for the things she is yet to figure out, you’d expect that she has them under control.

Surprisingly, in her interview with Essence, Michelle Obama reveals how fear crept up as she embarked on her latest book ‘The Light We Carry’.

In a candid conversation, she talks about some of the darkest moments she’s experienced in recent times, even reflecting back to 2020, the year of the pandemic, at the same time, giving tips on how she deals with her anxious moments. 

Here’s an excerpt from that interview
“Fear is powerful in that it can keep us safe, but it can keep us stuck. If we don’t learn how to decode when fear is saving us and when it’s holding us back, then we lose out on what opportunities and possibilities lie on the other side of that fear.”

Additionally, Mrs Obama talked about the position of black women in society and how they struggle to unburden themselves from other people’s affairs: “We are taking care of our kids. Supporting our household, taking care of our parents…”

An excerpt from her interview.

How lovely is it to hear about the vulnerabilities of one of the most powerful black women in the world? Read more from Michelle Obama here.