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5 Must-Read Stories From Around The World

The best of the continent.

BY Agnes Amondi

Mar 04, 2023, 10:44 AM

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We came across five stories from around the world that we'd love to share with you.

1. One of the stories that have largely trended on social media this week is the #SayNoToLGBTQ hashtag in Kenya after the Supreme Court allowed the LGBTQ community to have an association. The Guardian has been doing a series of write-ups on this story and they didn’t miss out on the latest. 

2. May is a big month for our South African sisters and one Pretty Yende in particular. She will represent us at the coronation of King Charles III as she received an invitation to be one of the opera singers at Westminster Abbey.

You can read more about her amazing story that’s set to inspire so many people on The Conversation.

3. African wear is in fashion, not just here on the continent but also around the world. Films like Black Panther have helped popularise African fashion. Here’s an article the BBC wrote that details how Oscar-winning designer Ruth Carter made these pieces mainstream.

4. Have you ever had a six-course meal that’s only plant-based? That’s what Nicola Kagoro offers at her restaurant in Zimbabwe. Veganism is getting momentum across that continent and people are now willing to pay for it. The Guardian did this wonderful article about Nicola and explored how she made veganism work in her country. 

5. Abortion remains to be a contentious issue not just in the continent but worldwide. That said, Benin just took an unprecedented move and made the act legal in a continent that has a very strict approach to such issues. Why has Benin made this decision?