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3 Pieces Of Best Life Advice You'll Ever Get

Because we all need tips to navigate through life

BY Agnes Amondi

May 17, 2023, 08:50 AM

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In the course of our lives, we receive a lot of counsel from so many people. Some unsolicited, some asked and others we just happen to stumble upon. While we keep some and drop others, the information we receive can be helpful in the immediate period or in the long term.

Here are three of the best tips I’ve received.  

1. Consistency Is King.

Most of us have probably been told that working hard is the best ammunition in life. This line starts growing on us from when we are in kindergarten because that is what is drummed into us by our elders.  But one element that can put you above everyone else is consistency.
There’s an assumption that being hardworking will mean that you are consistent. It’s just not the case. There are those who are skilful in their craft but only do it “when they feel like it” which actually undermines their dependability and credibility.

Then there are those who aren’t as skilled or should I say gifted but show up and get things moving. These are the people who are in demand because guess what! The technical skills needed to work can be taught but you can never teach something like consistency. 

So just make sure you show up and do that thing repeatedly even on days you don’t feel like it. When you look back,  you’ll be glad you stuck to it and put in the work.

2. Take Initiative. 

I was lucky enough to land an internship when I was in university. You guys know how internships go. They can be very intense and stressful especially when adapting to the work office environment and culture

So I used to clock in early enough to set myself up for the day because when things started to run, there was no looking back. I always accomplished my tasks successfully and that was it. What was I doing? I had to produce stories daily for an online portal.

Sometimes I was given leads, other times I had to have my own leads. This was my biggest challenge at the time and so my internship supervisor picked this up. We had a meeting about this and the one thing that remained with me afterwards were these two words - take initiative. 

To take initiative is to make things happen. You don’t wait to be told to go. You just go. This is something that has propelled me to date and I remain thankful that someone whispered them into my ears. Cause I really needed to hear that. 

3. Relationships Are Necessary.

Sometimes naivety can just eat you away because you are either immature, ignorant or both. There are many instances where I have questioned the essence of relationships in life.

What are they for? Why should I bother? And why do people care about them anyway? Aren’t the biggest stories we hear about divorces or bad relationships? Well, that’s not how you are supposed to be approaching this.
So I came across this Canadian Psychologist and Professor Dr Jordan Peterson a little over a year ago. You just have to simply google his name and you’ll get numerous search results on him. He talks about a wide variety of issues and relationships are one of them. Obviously, because which psychologist doesn’t? 

Anyway, this guy Jordan highly advocates for relationships as well as the nuclear family. I never really understood the importance of both until I heard him elaborate on this.

Honestly, you can say that it's not profound or never heard before advice but that’s not the point. There’s an individuality to how he frames his take which is what resonated with me and made me think twice about my stance on relationships. He says things like: 

“You should be very afraid of the lack of a relationship. What are you going to do when you are sixty? (essentially old?). The world is very cruel. It’s better to have someone to confront life with rather than alone, to share the joys and sorrows of your life with than being alone. So don’t let your cowardice hinder you from experiencing one of humanity's greatest gifts.”

Tell me, how can you not be convinced or at least made to think twice when someone gives it a very compelling frame like the one above?