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Signs You Are Being Ghosted

The red flags you might miss out on if you aren't keen enough.

BY Beryl Karimi-La Patrona

Jan 25, 2023, 01:43 PM

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Ghosting is a coward's way of breaking up or maybe it is just their way of saying it's over without really saying it. They say that actions speak louder than words but when it comes to ghosting, that's not the case. 

It isn't majorly because ghosting leaves the other party in a state of utter confusion. You disappear and they are left wondering if you are okay or if they should contact your family to know if something happened.

You disappear and the other person is left questioning themselves, wondering what they could have done to make you disappear with no word or if it is something they said that annoyed you. 

When ghosting happens, most people never realize they have been ghosted in those early days. They stay hoping that maybe he lost his phone and he will reach out. It is materially worsened by the fact that we can hardly ever admit we are disposable to other people and as is the rule in most relationships, we all usually expect closure from the people we are in a relationship with.

To deal with ghosting healthily, you must understand that being ghosted is a gradual process. It just doesn't happen so here are the signs that can tell you he is ghosting you or he is about to. 

He Isn't Communicating Like He Used To. 

This includes not calling you as much as he used to and a very visible tonal shift that is indicative of detachment and a distant attitude. 

Men hardly ever break up with women directly so they do this hoping you will pick on the cues and do the honourable thing of unplugging the relationship from the life support machine that they can't bring themselves to do.

They just ghost if this doesn't work out the way it is planned in their heads. 

He Isn't Trying To Meet Up With You Like He Used To.

What makes a relationship is the time you spend together with your partner. If you aren't spending time together, it only means that he is checked out of the relationship and is on his way to ghosting you digitally speaking the way he ghosted emotionally and physically by avoiding you. 

You Aren't Having Sex Anymore.

Intimacy is a huge determinant of whether your relationship is working or if it is on its deathbed. A person who couldn't get their hands off you can't suddenly go cold turkey on you one day. That is usually their way of dissociating from you completely. Another sign that he is taking you out of his life through one of the cruellest methods available in this world. 

He Is Online And He Isn't Texting.

You last talked a few days ago and the last message you sent him is still unread but he is online updating his status and his Instagram stories. 

That is a clear screaming sign that he is saying he doesn't want to talk to you and it is probably the kindest form of being ghosted. You do not have to worry if he is okay or not. You can see it. 

His Texts Are Short And Distant.

The perfect way to know a man isn't interested in you is by checking how he responds to your messages. It isn't typical for a person to reply to your paragraph with one non-committal word only when you have just sent them three paragraphs of a WhatsApp text. They are just telling you they do not want to talk to you and if you continue sending those paragraphs they will block you and send you to oblivion.