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Quiz: Is Your Man a Commitment-Phobe?

Because some men simply will not commit

BY YAZA Kenya Team

Apr 20, 2022, 03:38 AM

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Most of us are used to the regular Kenyan guy. The one to whom the idea of space he is unwelcome in is foreign. The one who will pursue you relentlessly even when you tell him there is someone else.

Then there is the other kind. The one who may seem interested at first but with whom a relationship will never progress past the casual dating stage. The commitment-phobe. Is your man one of these? Take our test to find out if your man is just cautious or if he is a commitment-phobe who will never make an honest woman of you.

Scoring Guide

  1. Strongly agree - 4 
  2. Agree- 3  
  3. Disagree – 2 
  4. Strongly Disagree - 1

1.  He is in his thirties or forties but he’s never been married or engaged. He doesn’t have any babies running around either.

2.  The beginning of your relationship was fast-paced. He won you over quickly. 

3. You have been with him quite a while but you can never really tell what he is thinking or planning.

4. The couples around you who started dating the same time as you have progressed in their relationships but you’re still the girlfriend.

5. All his exes seem mismatched with him. They’re either too young, too old, or married.

7. He loves you, yes, but you never have important conversations about the future.

8. His job requires him to work very long hours or to move around a lot.

9. He talks negatively about marriage.

10. He has admitted to cheating or being cheated on by previous girlfriends.

11. He changes the topic whenever you start talking about commitments

12. He always has an excuse when you ask when you will meet the family, since you have been together for quite a long time

How You Scored

0-10 – You are in a normal, functioning relationship. Stop looking for problems where there aren’t any.

11-20 – Your man may not have the best relationship history but he is definitely not afraid to commit.

21-30 – Commitment issues detected. The good news is that with some patience and prodding, you can get him there.

31-40 – Total commitment-phobe detected. Waiting for this man to have a serious progressive relationship will be like waiting for the Indian Ocean to dry. We suggest you begin looking elsewhere.