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How To Slide Into Those DMs

And why now is the perfect chance to shoot your shot

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 01, 2021, 11:24 AM

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Instagram is the new Tinder. There, I’ve said it. The pandemic has taken away the good old romance where you arranged to accidentally bump into your crush or ogled him for weeks until he caved and asked you out.

The DMs are all we’re left with. These are tough times and trying to be traditional and waiting for the man to make the first move will not work. Now that the world is spending all this time we have indoors learning how to cook, working out, and bettering ourselves, now is the perfect time to go after that special someone. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have exciting conversations with someone new which are not about Covid-19 or how the country is going to the dogs?

Be Social

Instead of just sliding into his messages at 4 am and declaring your undying love for his six-pack, breaking the ice is a much better plan.

Engage with his social media content. Like it, share it, ask him questions on his posts. The trick here is trying to constantly be on is mind so when you finally send that message, you won’t be a stranger.

Stop Overthinking It

If you decide to woman up and tell him you want to buy him lunch because you think he is the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread, the worst thing that can happen is that he will say no.

Stop overthinking it and just write down that compliment. At the very least, you will have brightened up his day.

Make Sure He’s Available

Now, you’re not trying to get with the man who is vlogging with his girlfriend all day long. That’s how you break your heart, honey.

As you are liking and sharing his posts, look for the signs that he’s spoken for. If this one is taken, the next one might be available. Keep at it.

Shoot Wisely

You don’t want to send an unsolicited nude to a man you are looking to date in the long term. You’re smarter than that. You might want to ditch those pickup lines you’ve been Googling as well.

Be authentic. Say something genuine about his social media activity. If he is bookish, for instance, books would be a perfect way to break the ice with him. Get a man talking about the things he loves and you might just be able to get him to do anything.

If He Says No…

There’s a chance that you will take your shot and he will say no. Also, especially if the online Chemistry has been great, you may want to try again. You know, like in the music video where the guy keeps making different grand declarations of love until the woman gives in. Resist this temptation.

If you keep hovering on his timeline or trying to persuade him some more in his inbox, you will come off as a creep. Know when to quit.
Shoot confidently and often. May your shoot land.

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