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How To Get Your Sex Mojo Back

On reclaiming your sexuality and orgasm.

BY Beryl Karimi-La Patrona

Jan 05, 2023, 03:31 PM

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Everyone goes through moments where they feel utterly frigid. This particularly happens after a loss or a heartbreak, things that will leave you moving through the world feeling numb.

Craving touch but not being able to respond to it when it's offered to you is the worst thing ever. You move through your days going to bed with people who leave you more disappointed than you were before they touched you. It's a horrible space to be in. We all want to have fulfilling and earth-shattering sex that defies all human understanding.

Being in that place of not feeling is tragic but it isn't the end of the world. It is possible to get your sex mojo back and I will explain how because we cannot move into a new year still having orgasmless sex.

Change Your Wardrobe

The clothes we wear impact how we feel about ourselves. It is absurd because they are innate, but that is how it is.

To feel sexy again, you have to reinvent what you wear. It is not hard because stores do not charge you for trying on their clothes. It is free and you can have fun while at it.

Choosing the right outfits to get out the sexy in you means going out shopping with your best friend. A second opinion is important and sometimes we need someone to give us a little push when we are out trying something new.

While that is important, what matters is how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror wearing a new sexy outfit. That is the feeling you should listen to when choosing an outfit.

Kiss A Stranger

This is something that I probably got from watching Being Mary Jane when I was younger and I can assure you that it works.

The feeling of illicit lust can bring back every intense feeling you have ever had in you before it all simmered down. 

The best place to find a stranger to kiss is in a bar. Wear your little black dress, pair it with heels and hit the hottest club in town.

There's always a  hot guy who is always trying to catch your attention. Talk to him, dance and engage him in a flirtatious way. Make sure the night doesn't end before you get your kiss.

Buy A Sex Toy 

Sex toys are the holy grail for women who are trying to rediscover their orgasms. They are made in such a way that is bound to fulfil you and unlike men, they are not selfish. They take you as far as you want to go and they never come too fast if they are fully charged.

The perfect toy at the moment is the rose. Look for it. It might be your key to finally meeting the woman you want to be in bed with.

Read Some Erotica

Women who read books will tell you their first sexual experiences were sparked by romance books they hid in class during their science lessons.

Those few sex scenes that existed in English books were how they were able to envision what sex would be like.

I do not know if it's the good old Fifty Shades of Grey that will get you going or if it's the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day but what I can assure you is that there is a perfectly written book for every woman out there.

Use Google and Goodreads to your advantage and you might find what you are looking for in between the covers of a book written by a daring writer.

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