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How Motherhood Changes You

The good and the bad.

BY Agnes Amondi

May 17, 2023, 10:20 AM

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Someone said that it is Mother’s Day every day so there’s never a bad time to wax lyrical about motherhood. Anyway, this is one of the most life-changing experiences you will have should you decide to become a mother.

By now, you will have heard a lot about what changes, physically, but mothers say that the changes go beyond that. Some of it is short-lived and others are long-term or even permanent. 

We’ll take a look into the different ways motherhood will change your life.

You’ll Learn How To Multitask.

When the baby arrives, be prepared to do several things at a time and one of these things is always having an eye on the baby. From taking care of yourself to the home and making sure the baby’s schedule is attended to, you will learn how to manage all this within the 24 hours you thought was so little to do anything.

Sleep Less.

You’ll stay awake as you rock your baby to sleep and wake up to change its diapers, feed or attend to anything it wants. In the middle of the day, when you get time to nap make sure you use it. This is the reason why some people have scheduled time off because babies need to be attended to round the clock but we are only humans.

Worry More.

Well, this will change from one individual to another. If you are always worried about anything and everything, having a baby will only heighten this and if you used to worry less, you’ll probably start to worry a lot more. This is brought about by your affection for the child and wanting everything to go right. 

Your Attachment Style May Change.

Some mothers admit to not feeling affection for their babies even months after birth while some seem to have stored it somewhere and are now pouring it all out to their newborns.

Part of this may be attributed to postpartum depression, a situation in which mothers struggle to cope with their new reality. Some describe it as baby blues but this can be a huge hindrance in how you associate with your child.

You May Become Carefree.

In your quest to take care of your child, you might end up neglecting yourself. Some mothers direct all their resources to their kids and lose touch with their femininity.

They end up not grooming themselves properly because all their time is invested in the well-being of their child. Eating habits and patterns will also change, things that will affect her image not only to the outside world but also to their own partners. 

Your Friendship Circle Will Change.

If most of your friends are still single, you’re priorities and theirs will clash. Whilst they can afford to have an evening out and rush out of town without a care, you have someone else to think about. As a result, you will not be on the same page as them and this will cause your relationship to drift. 

You Will Become Vulnerable.

The arrival of your child will make you more emotional. You will express that to it and also to the other people around you. Motherhood is not a joke and you will need all the help in the world.

At times, this will test your limits and you will have to open up and accept help. Also, with the shift in hormones throughout the period, you may experience mood swings and other feelings, positive and negative, as you learn the ropes.  

Thinking Of Another Person.

Most of us think of ourselves as caring but when the baby arrives, the meaning of this word becomes more real. Your baby comes first before anything else and to do this, you will have to learn this skill. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry because it’s something you can develop.