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5 Reasons To Never Tattoo His Name On Your Body

Because it isn't a sign of commitment

BY Pauline Katethya

May 14, 2021, 09:00 AM

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Someone posted two pictures on their WhatsApp status. A picture of how it started versus how it’s going. The first picture was a tattoo of the name James and the other read Jameson. It was sad but funny. The way a lover's name had been turned into a whiskey’s name. It was quite a creative thing to do, but I can’t imagine what the lady has to say when people ask why Jameson. Because no matter how much you love a drink, you can’t have its tattoo.

I believe it’s better off when someone gets a symbol of love tattoo rather than names. Here’s why you should avoid them.

It’s A Silly Idea 

I mean, why in Jesus’ name would you get a tattoo of your boyfriend’s name? I get that you love your boyfriend so much that you would be willing to walk on fire for him, but this is the worst decision you’ll ever make. It doesn’t make sense at all. Even the thought of it should make you cringe. 

It’s Not A Sign Of Commitment Or Love 

A tattoo isn’t a symbol of love neither does it show how committed you are to your man. You don’t wake up one day and be like, 'Ooh babe I love you so much look what I did for us'. If you have to get a tattoo to prove to your partner that you love them  then something is wrong with you and the relationship. A tattoo doesn't mean anything, even if it covers your entire body. More effort should be directed towards more important things. Like building a healthy relationship through open and honest communication.

What Happens If You Break Up?

There is no love without the anticipation of loss. Sometimes we get into relationships thinking he is the one or that it will last forever but life, as we know, happens and things go south.

Most breakups are usually nasty. When someone tells you they don’t want anything to do with you, you don’t just smile and wish them the best in life. Or tell them that is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ll be filled with so much anger and bitterness especially if you had invested in the relationship. You’ll unfollow or even block him on social media. Now imagine having his name stuck on your arm? Having a constant reminder the man you loved dumped you? 

Tattoo Removal Is Expensive 

With the hard economic times, can you imagine spending sh 10,000 for tattoo removal? I cannot. Some of the tattoos take months to get rid off depending on the ink used, age of the tattoo, location, and size. There’s also a risk of getting a skin infection or blood-borne diseases like tetanus and hepatitis from the laser treatment. So why go through all the expenses and the damn pain in the name of love?

How Will Your New Boyfriend Feel About It?

Now you have gotten over your ex, or not and you are in a new relationship. Your new boyfriend sees the name Joe on your hand. He’ll still think that you are not over him. Or think you are cheating on him with this Joe guy. It might make him jealous or even insecure. I know it's easy to dismiss it and say 'but it’s just a tattoo'. But how would you feel if you laid on your boyfriend's chest and it has the name Melissa tattooed all over it?

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