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Is He Stashing You?

And other dating trends you don't want to know

BY Joan Thatiah

Jan 04, 2023, 10:18 AM

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Covid has done a number on our love and sex lives. With a government-sanctioned ban on all physical contact and meetups taking the form of awkward zoom dates, dating in the last year has been hard.

 It hasn’t gotten any easier. You’ve been locked down for too long, of course, you want to get out, maybe meet the man of your dreams. Here are a few tips on what to expect and how you can guard your heart when you get back out there.

Slow Dating

If there’s one good thing Covid-19 has brought upon us, it must be the return of the good old romance. A year ago, before the bottom fell off and the world went into a frenzy, courtship took the form of hurried text and WhatsApp messages and DMs on social media. Then we found ourselves stuck in our homes and we began appreciating the value of long intimate conversations and romance, even if virtually. This year, expect your dates to want an emotional connection before a physical one. This should be good, right?


You meet this man who makes everything right in your world, you let him in and are excited to show him off. You notice that he doesn’t seem as eager. While he has met every single person that knows you, you barely know anything about him. If this has happened to you in the recent past, you’ve been stashed. And don’t think that you are not hot enough, it’s that he doesn’t intend to have you in his future so sees no use in investing time in the present.

The Mask Bandits

You know how miffed you get when you meet someone virtually and they seem like the man of your dreams only for them to show up and they look and feel nothing like they portrayed on social media? Well, in 2021, expect more of the same. Only, this time, your dates will be hiding behind their masks. They will be looking different and may even take on different personalities because of the illusion of anonymity the face mask can give, only for it to all fall off when the mask comes off.


When Kenya went on lockdown in April of 2020, many people found themselves stuck in different ends of the country away from their romantic interests. The curfew and travel restrictions that followed did nothing to make things better. Now that things are going back to normal, do not be surprised if the next person you go on a date with behaves as if his life depends on this relationship. They are just afraid of being lonely again.


There must be some truth to that saying that there can be no romance without finance. As the pandemic wore on and businesses closed down, many relationships took a hit. There’s a good chance that the next person you go on a date with will be on the rebound. You know, what they say about rebound relationships; he could be trying to get with you just so he can get over someone else. Let him wine and dine you but guard your heart.


Covid-19 accelerated things at the relationship front. Lots of couples still in their honeymoon stages moved in together. To be honest, long-distance relationships are not for everyone. This is why in 2021, you may feel the pressure to move in with that guy you are crazy about but who you just met and aren’t exactly ready to get tied to. If he suggests that you move in with him just a few months in, don’t accuse him of being a creep. He’s probably just a good guy who can’t handle the distance.

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