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Are You Great In Bed?

Take our test to find out!

BY YAZA Kenya Team

May 20, 2021, 09:49 AM

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We all like to think we are stars in bed. It’s a great ego boost. But do you ever stop to think how good you really are?

If you do, worry no more. We bring you a quiz that will tell you whether you are a star in the sack or whether your game needs some work. To get the most accurate result, be as honest as possible about your situation. It will be our secret little secret.

1.    Do you actually enjoy doing the deed?
a.    But of course! How is this even a question?
b.    Sex is overrated
c.     I do
2. Does the topic of sex make you uncomfortable? 
a.      Never. Let’s talk about it right now
b.      Yes. Some things should be kept private
c.       It’s not my favorite topic but I do talk about it with my partner

3. Your man has been away for a weekend and you want to surprise him when he gets back. You… 
a.     Open the door for him while wearing that lingerie piece I have been saving
b.     Make him his favorite meal and allow him some space to rest
c.     Make sure he’s cleaned and fed so we can cuddle all night
4. Say there is this man you like a lot but he just can’t get it right in the bedroom. What is your reaction?
a.      I take over the show. It is up to me to get what I want in bed
b.      Wait for him to get better
c.       Slowly and gently guide him to my happy spots
5. How are you on the dance floor?
a.    I’m an absolute star. All eyes are usually on me 
b.    I have two left feet
c.     I get around
6.    Has a past or present partner criticized your skills in bed?
a.     Never. I know my stuff
b.    Once or twice
c.     No but I have wondered fleetingly if I was good enough
7.    How fit are you?
a.     Very
b.    Hardly
c.     Moderately
8. If your partner suggested that you make a private sex tape you would…
a.     Jump on the idea. Life is for the living
b.     I would be cross with him. What does he take me for?
c.      I might consider it

9. It’s your first night with a new guy. What’s on your mind?
a.     Me and whether he will know how to please me
b.     I’m stressing about being able to please him
c.      I’m worried that it’s been too long since I waxed
10. In your view, a great relationship can’t exist without?
a.     Great sex
b.     Communication
C.     Passion as well as understanding

How Did You Score?

Mostly A’s – Girl, congratulations. When it comes to the bedroom, you are the real deal. You are however only fixated on your own personal pleasure. Try focusing a little less on you and a little more on your partner for an all-round amazing experience. It isn’t just about you.

Mostly B’s – Girl, you are bad at it. Try being a little exciting and open to trying new things in the sack. There’s still hope.

Mostly C’s – You have managed to strike the delicate balance between looking out for yourself and making sure that your significant other is also fulfilled. Well done. And that confidence you have, don’t give that up.