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The First Letter To My Sisters

Family: A mother's love will never leave you cold

BY Pauline Katethya

Feb 11, 2021, 11:03 AM

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Have I been the best sister? I don’t know. I might have choked you a little bit when you were young, and your face turned purple. I'm sorry but I don’t think I had an option, mum had to go to work. Here’s what I know though. I love you so much. More than I love bananas, vanilla milkshakes, and my faulty eyes.

I am proud of you. Look at you, looking more of a woman than a boy as you did before. Your hips are broadening, the breasts are getting bigger. You are growing into a woman. And being a woman has never been easy. I won’t protect you from life, because life always has a way of getting us. I won’t prevent you from getting your heart broken or from losing yourself. You will fall, you will break and it will hurt, but I’ll be there to wipe your tears and to hold your hand through the good and the bad. 

I know you never listen to me. You don’t wash the dishes when I ask you to, close the door or make the bed. Hell, you don’t even hear me when I call your name, but you can hear 'food is ready' all the way from Mombasa. I hope you’ll learn a thing or two from me. For once, at least. 

There Is No Love Greater Than A Mother’s Love

I know sometimes you might disagree with mum, but she has always wanted the best for you. You might not understand why she makes tough decisions for you. But all that comes from a place of care and love. And even when she shouts at you when she is angry, don’t think she doesn’t love you. Or go looking for another mother. She will have bad days and unfortunately, sometimes, she will take it out on you. 

Family Is The Greatest Source Of Pain And Happiness 

All things in life come in twos. Good and bad. Love and pain. There will come a time in life when the people you trust the most will let you down. That might be me, mum or another family member. Our decisions might negatively affect you or destroy your life. Sometimes you will be the collateral damage and it will hurt. But you’ll have to move on. Anyone can break your heart. 

Family Is Life

No matter how much pain, family causes you. Always try and show up. Help where you can. Don’t take things too personally or keep resurrecting issues that happened eight years ago when you broke your arm. There are times people’s choices have nothing to do with you. Forgive and learn and move on. These are the people who will be willing to die for you. And to go an extra length just for you.

Family Doesn’t Have To Be Blood 

You will meet people in life who will feel so warm. People who will make a home out of you and camp there. These people will show up for you in the best way they can. Take care of them. Show up for them and protect them. These are the people who will help you get back on your feet when life beats you down. 

Don’t Rush

There will be so much pressure to do things. To settle down. To have children. To learn how to cook chapatis. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s your life. Stay true to yourself and don’t make decisions to please others. When the time comes all those things you were meant to do, you will do them. 

And no matter how old I get, if you people dump me in a home, I will curse you and you will be the oldest women on earth to get pregnant. Love one another and always leave the last piece of chicken for the last born.

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