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7 Guys You'll Meet When Dating

Have you met or dated any of them?

BY Agnes Amondi

May 22, 2023, 08:14 AM

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We all have an idea of the type of man we want. In fact, some of us say that we’ll know we’ve found Mr Right only when we see him because he is almost indescribable. The men you keep bumping into or the ones who express interest do not match this elusive man you are looking for.

I guess this is where they say that you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince. In this process, you meet, date and dump or break up with all types of men. To those who are fresh in the dating scene, these are the types of men you will encounter.

1. The One With The Charm.

The one thing this man does right is make you laugh. He knows how to press the right buttons and will take you to a place you’ve probably never been. He knows how to use words to capture and sustain your attention and every one of them has a reason for being said. 

Mr Charm has an aura that you’ll find hard to resist and by the end of your conversations, he’ll be lingering in your mind. At times, you might even wonder how he came up with those lines or carried on the conversations.

However, be very careful with these types of men. They have the ability to rope you in so quickly that you fail to see their quirks. If you notice that you are being sucked in, take a moment to clear your mind.   

2. The Love Bomber.

He will confess his love to you in no time, ask you to be his wife and give him children. He will come bearing expensive gifts and be very generous with his words. He will call you ‘my wife’ even before you know his second name.

This man will paint a glamorous picture in your head and sweep you off your feet with all the glam. Your girlfriends will envy you but you need to be extremely careful about the love bomber. 

His rush to conquerer you is a huge red flag. Why does he want to lock you down ASAP? Why is he in your space 24/7 sending you endless messages and always calling to check where you are? It’s easy to confuse this with intense love and affection. Don’t fall into his trap.

3. The One Who’s Desperate To Have You.

This is the kind of man who’ll keep hovering even after you’ve turned him down. He will keep hoping that you will change your mind and consider him as a romantic partner. He will jump through all the hoops for you to prove his love. He will always be available when you call and provide a shoulder for you to lean on. 

You will always have access to him and will always find a way to help you even when he’s tied down. In all honesty, as much as you will want to return the favour for everything he’s done, the last thing you should do is give in due to sympathy.

4. The Lustful Guy. 

Yes! You will meet men who want to sleep with you and once that’s done, you’ll never see him again. You can detect him by the kind of conversations he brings up. If he’s always making suggestive comments, then you know what he’s thinking. The best you can do is to stay away.

5. The One With An Alter Ego.

He is the man who is always talking about his assets and how good he is at everything. He wants you to know that he owns the whole world and drives the latest car. He is kind to live beyond his means and will probably make bloated promises just to show that he’s the man. 

6. The Nice Guy.

He says yes to everything and never gets angry. He caters to all your whims and will never object to your opinions because he doesn’t want to make you angry. He’s the type of guy you have sympathy for and at some point, you are even afraid of making a request because you feel like you are taking advantage of him. 

7. The Gentleman.

We have to give you hope ladies. One thing we must clarify is that he will not always be wearing suits and working in the corporate world, flying around the world. What sells him is his behaviour. How he approaches you, talks to you treats others and carries himself around. 

He is the one who will be patient and let this relationship evolve like a dance. You will have turns at most things if not everything. Some of you can recall having met a gentleman but because he wasn’t wearing Hugo Boss and a Rolex watch, you let him slip through right in front of your eyes.