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5 Ways To Avoid Drama At Family Gatherings

And the five types of people who are likely to cause it

BY YAZA Kenya Team

Nov 22, 2022, 11:48 AM

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Love them or hate them, family gatherings are one of those things in your life you're stuck with.

Despite the drama and the bad blood that's sometimes rife in families, you get to connect with people you haven’t seen for years. People you live in the same city with. Everything about it is usually colourful. 

Eating, dancing and catching up with your favourite cousin has to be one of the best feelings ever. What's uncolourful about it is the work you put in. I hope to attend one where other people have cooked and are willing to wash the dishes.

Here are the different types of people you’ll meet at family gatherings.

The Storyteller 

Most of them are usually men. I think women love gossiping rather than telling real stories. This fun uncle is the life of the party. The type of uncle who lights up people’s souls by making everyone feel loved and appreciated. And because of his sarcasm, humour, and how dramatic he is, you will want to listen to him all day long. 

He is the uncle who does not give a hoot about anything. And he won’t mind the stares when he sips from the bottle to recharge a little. He is the type of uncle you can run to for advice and count on him when you need money urgently.

The Gossip Aunties 

They will talk about other family members as they are preparing the stew or cleaning up. They know what’s going on in people’s lives and can tell whether you are pregnant even if it's two months old.

These are usually the first ones to comment on how much you’ve added weight or how tired you look and give you tips to help you age gracefully like them. They know who is most likely to get married next or who will never get married because they are so independent. 

The Mysterious One 

This is the type of relative you see once in a blue moon. You are not sure whether he comes from your grandmother's or grandfather's side but you are somehow related.

He loves to keep to himself and won’t interact as much with other people. You are not sure what he does, but you have heard from your aunties that he is a businessman. Your 3-minute conversations are always weird and you prefer to say hi and then dodge him. 

The Drunk Cousin 

The only time you saw him sober was…you can’t remember. His drunkenness has cost him his family, career, and his friends. He has so much potential but he is the only person who can’t see that. 

Relatives claim he was cursed and 2 black bulls need to be sacrificed facing Mt Kenya but this is something he has never agreed to. Most family members pity him but there’s nothing much they can do to help him. Whatever he touches, he destroys. 

The Cool Kid 

She comes from a rich family and can’t understand most things. Like why you guys are cooking using firewood or why there's no Wi-Fi available. She’ll spend most of the time taking pictures or complaining to her friends about how awful the meeting turned out to be while the rest of you are washing dishes.

They are never given any chores because they grew up with two house help. You’ll be forced to pick their plate after eating and watch them do TikTok challenges.

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