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Things To Know Before Dating A Younger Man

Because age isn’t anything but a number

BY YAZA Kenya Team

Apr 20, 2022, 04:22 AM

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So you’ve just about had it with your age mates. You went in thinking it would be easy because you have so much in common but it isn’t so. You are re-thinking your stance on age.

Or maybe you didn’t quite set out to fall for him. You just met him, things happened and now you are knee-high deep in this romance with a man a decade or two younger than you.

How can you prepare for this kind of romance? We bring you tips.

It Can Be Real

If he swept you off your feet and you are thinking about giving this thing a shot, before you do, you should know that there will be naysayers. Once you’ve come out as a couple, you will be told, in many ways how your relationship is just a fling, a passing phase. 

Hang onto the fact that even with the age difference, you can have a real connection.

Many Ways He Will Be good For You

What are you bringing to the table? We like to ask people we go on dates with. With a younger man, it can seem like a ripoff. I mean, you probably have financial stability and you have the life experience. So what is he bringing to the table? 

He can awaken your adventurous nature. This, you can’t buy from a shop. Let him in. Let him show you the world as you have never seen it.

It Will Be Good For Your Ego

Maybe you’re not the most accomplished cousin, you know, the one who everyone is fawning over during family gatherings. Maybe you are not the one whose business card everyone is trying to nail at the high school reunion. If you get with a younger guy, you have nailed a constant fan.

No matter how unaccomplished you feel, you have been around longer and you know things he doesn’t. For this, he will always look at you in awe. A great ego boost, huh?

You’ll Need To Up Your Tech Game

You’re old school, you prefer meeting in person or phone calls especially to have important conversations. If he’s younger, face time and voice notes are probably more of his thing. Step up.

While at it, you may need to learn all about lighting, postures, and angles to take those naughty photographs. He’s going to be asking for them.

He’s Carrying No Baggage

If you’re trying to date anyone on the other side of 30, there will be children running around or a baby mama tucked away somewhere. With the younger man, it’s just him and his issues.

It will also be great for you that he isn’t set in his ways. You know, he hasn’t reached that stage in life where he will not eat unless his food is cooked in a particular way or his shirts ironed only one way. Now go let him awaken your younger self.

He Will Have You Living Your Best Life Yet

He is at the age where his life is revolving around fun activities. Be it clubbing, weekend getaways, hiking, picnics, you name it. He will have you on your toes, living your best life yet. The older gents are busy with work life and trying to settle down and start a family and that is all they are focusing on. The younger gent may want to start a family and settle down but that will not stop him from having some fun.