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Things To Consider Before Moving Out

Budget your finances

BY Pauline Katethya

Sep 09, 2021, 08:11 AM

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You got a new job and you want to move out. Or perhaps you are done with school and you want to start living on your own, with all the freedom you’ve ever longed for. You can’t wait to start eating whatever you want save for the usual ugali, sukumawiki, and mala.

This may seem exciting however, moving out is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just about packing your bags and leaving. You have to plan and ensure you can take care of yourself and cover your bills. Here are things you should consider before moving out. 

Find A Suitable Place To Live 

Before moving to a certain area, there are things you need to consider. The security of the neighborhood. Availability of water. Accessibility to the shops and hospitals or dispensaries. If you have a new job, you need to take note of the distance to and from work and how much bus fare you will be using. If the amount is high, consider moving closer to work. Don’t forget to ask about power outages. If it’s a neighborhood that’s prone to power blackouts avoid it since it takes forever to resolve such problems.

Have A Steady Flow Of Income

Having a stable income will help you pay your rent on time. Landlords can be ruthless come end of the month. They never want to hear any excuses and may disconnect your water, electricity supply or even kick you out. To avoid any problems or drama, cover your rent on time. Picking a house you can afford is important because it will help you stick to a budget. This way, you won't live beyond your means.

Moving out is expensive. Not only will you be required to budget for your rent, but your food, shopping, internet, and other expenses. So before taking the big step, make sure you can afford to live on your own and cover at least all the costs. And if you find yourself struggling it’s also okay to ask for help from family. 

Keep It Simple 

You don’t have to buy everything before you move out. You can take old furniture and utensils from home, then upgrade with time. You can also get second-hand furniture within the neighborhood to avoid transport costs. Move in with essential stuff like cooking gas, a bed or a mattress, and a few utensils. You are just starting out and with time, you’ll get more items. This will not only cut your expenses but also make your home look spacious since you are not moving into a big house. 

How Responsible Are You?

Responsibility and discipline go hand in hand. You are in charge of yourself and your house. No one will tell you what time you need to come home, what you will cook, or how much money you are supposed to use. You are in charge of every decision you make, including who visits your place. Do your chores, cook rather than relying on take away most nights. This discipline will also help you stick to your budget.

It’s Going To Get Lonely 

No one tells you how lonely it’s going to get once you move out. If you stayed with your parent or siblings, you’ll miss the silly arguments about who will wash the dishes or who will cook. You’ll miss your family and the noise will be replaced by silence and a few items in the house. It’s hard to adjust during the first few months but then you get used to it. You can consider staying with a friend. This way you will have someone to keep you company and share costs with.

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