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5 Reasons To Only Date Men With Sisters

Because some things can only be learned through experience

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 29, 2021, 11:02 AM

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Don’t you miss the good old days before WhatsApp and Instagram DMs happened?

The days when you would pour your heart out to your crush on a paper and his sisters would be the couriers. Times have truly changed but there’s still a ton of benefits to dating a man with sisters. Here’s a look into some of them.

He Will Get You

Some things can only be learned through living with a woman. Like why tampons are not things to be scared of or why she absolutely needs the two ours she takes to get ready.

If you get with a man who grew up with sisters, you are getting a ready-made man. You will not have to deal with a sulky man in the morning because you took too long putting on your make-up. He’s already seen it all.

He Has A Sounding Board

Sisters are who men go to for advice on what to buy his woman for her birthday, where to take her for dinner, or even how much romance is too much.

If you say Yes to this guy you will never find yourself with an overpriced gift that you don’t want or need the day after your birthday. The best part is that when he gets with you, he will shift these duties to you. We all want a man who looks at us like a friend, a confidant, and a sounding board, don’t we?

He's Protective

The only person more protected than a girl with an older brother is a girl with two older brothers. Even the macho ones turn into puddles when their sisters are happy.

This protectiveness becomes his second nature. Become his girl and get a forever bodyguard. Pregnancy should be particularly enjoyable with a man like this. If the baby wants a huge tab of vanilla ice cream from that one supermarket across town in the middle of the night, the baby will get vanilla ice cream in the middle of the night.

He Won’t Call You Crazy

This man has seen it all. He has seen heartbreak first hand, he has spent time with his PMSing sisters and he has seen them break down.

He will not belittle or ignore your emotions. He will not tell you that you’re sensitive or that you’re overreacting when you get upset. Because he has adequate practice, he will know exactly what to say or do when you get upset.

He Will Have Realistic Expectations

A man who shared a house with girls knows that sometimes they look like totally different people when they wake up in the morning, he has seen how their nappy hair looks in the morning and, he has seen them wear and then wipe off makeup.

He will not come into your life expecting perfection. He will not frown if you eat until you have a food belly. He gets it.

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