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5 Unexpected Benefits Of Being Single

Because singlehood also rocks!

BY Joan Thatiah

Apr 13, 2022, 11:18 AM

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Maybe you just broke up with that guy you thought you would marry. Or you’ve been single for a while and recently attended a family event and your nosy aunties would not stop asking when you are bringing someone home.

Either way, being single in a world where coupling up is paraded as a life achievement can be quite a drag. Even if no one’s posting about it on Insta, there are many benefits to being single. Here’s a look into some of them.

You Will Save Money

In this tough economy, would there be a better reason for being single? All those road trips to Vasha, the sneaking to AirBnBs on the weekends, and even indoor date nights, all these things cost money. Even toilet paper costs less when there is just one person in the home.

You can make this work for you by investing the money you save. Now is the time to buy those shares and bonds, buy that piece of land and start that business so that when bae comes along, you will not be asking for fare to your dates.

Invest In Other Relationships

They say that the only person you shouldn’t waste time advising is a woman in love. This is especially true during the initial stages of a relationship. A woman will meet a man who makes her feel weak on her knees and she will not see her friends for weeks.

The single life is an opportunity to build your friendships and relationships with family members. Remember, if you get into a relationship that doesn’t work out. These are the people on whose shoulders you will be crying. Make sure that you’ve invested enough time and emotion in them.

Enjoy The Freedom

Being single means all your personal space is yours. You don’t have to share your bed, the bathroom, or the TV remote. It means that you can order whatever food you like, no one will be trying to talk to you in the middle of your favorite television show and oh, when you go out to an event, you get to go home at your time.

At a glance, these can seem like little issues but when you get into a relationship, you realize that the constant presence of someone else in your personal space will get to you sometimes. Treasure these small moments in your queendom while you still can.

It’s Time To Work On Yourself

No relationship is ever a waste of time or emotion. Each one will teach you something even if it is something as simple as that you don’t like cuddling. It’s the same with being single. That time you get to spend with yourself and only yourself should count.

Pay attention to learn things about yourself, about what makes you lonely, and how you would like to be loved.

If you can use this time to work on your esteem. This will be a bonus.

You Get To Do Everything You Want

When in a relationship, it is hard to do everything you'd want to do because you have to consider your partner. There are things that you will have in common and there are things that you will not. For those that you don't have in common and have always been in your bucket list, you will not get to do them when in a relationship because you have to consider them. But when single, you get to do anything and everything because there is no one to stop you or consider.