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3 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance Relationships

Can you handle them?

BY Mercy Kipchilat

Jan 21, 2023, 08:30 AM

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Baptista Ime James
Things between you and the guy you fancy are going really well and although he lives thousands of miles away from you, you are thinking of giving long-distance dating a try because you have heard that love has no boundaries.

But making that decision is keeping you up at night wondering, “is it going to work? Should I just let it go?” 

Here is some little comfort; all relationships are hard. Here is another not-so-comfortable/disconcerting truth; long-distance relationships are harder and the probability of it working out is lower.

As you think hard about the future of your relationship with your newest flame, and the light of your life, have a look at three harsh facts about long-distance relationships from someone who has tried it. You may not like what you read, but isn't it better to have all the facts, including the not-so-pleasant on the table?

Absence Of Physical Contact

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so says the adage. But, there is always a but. Intimacy and physical contact are the cornerstones of nearly all relationships. It strengthens the bond in a couple, and it can make or break relationships. 

One of the harsh facts of long-distance relationships is that physical contact is off the table. There are, of course, ways to overcome or live with the absence of your partner, which includes regular meetups, but the harsh reality is; moments will always feel short and fleeting. It will always feel like you are parting when you just meet again.

Are you ready to live with the stress of parting constantly for as long as your relationship remains long-distance? Will you live with not meeting your physical (sexual) needs wherever you feel like?

But couples in the military service make it work, it can’t be that hard? Sure. But should you just because they do?

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Yes, you will be lonely. Immensely. It will be like you are worlds apart living separate lives, not a joint life as it should be with a couple. 

You won't be able to tell them every little antidote, joke, or juicy gossip you just heard. Above all, they will not read your emotions by just looking at you and telling you if you are sad, mad, or happy. It's sad, but that is the harsh fact about long-distance relationships.

You will feel a pang and wish it were you every time you see a couple shopping, taking a walk, or even arguing. Of course, phone calls, texts, videos, and photos help, but it is just never the same.

Growing Apart Is Inevitable

Another harsh fact about long-distance relationships to consider is that living apart will eventually lead to growing apart. It will eventually be like meeting those friends you have not met in a long time where you are left wondering why you were friends in the first place. 

Likewise, you will ponder why you fell in love in the first place. Every time you meet you will notice some new vile or nasty habits you hadn't seen before.

You will each have different friends, different homes, and different habits, and eventually, you will be like, heck, let's have different partners.