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Will The New Year Bring Good Tidings?

We all hope it does but...

BY Agnes Amondi

Jan 03, 2023, 08:57 AM

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It is a new year but the number of things that people are already complaining about or made to complain about is as old as time. In fact, there was very little of the Christmas spirit despite efforts by advertisers to hype the mood and it all goes back to there being very little to celebrate about.

As Kenyans ushered in 2023, thankful as we are, the hardships of the past year did not escape people’s minds. We were constantly reminded by the news machine that we should ‘tighten our belts and that message, I bet, will be reinforced throughout the year.

Additionally, we will also be reminded that our political choices are what led us to these gruelling times. When we have the chance to vote as we did in 2022, we decide to do it with our hearts and not heads. Hence, we should probably not complain about what’s hitting us.

What issues are already creeping up on us?

Are We Going Back To Stashing Cash In Mattresses?

If you were used to transferring money without charges between your M-Pesa account and online mobile banking, that will no longer be the case. The change is already in place and the charges you incur will depend on the bank you use for your transactions. Honestly, this was so convenient but now, we’ll have to walk to the nearest ATMs to get money. The comfort we used to enjoy is now gone. Are we slowly going back to the days when people had to stash cash under mattresses?

The Filth in The Capital

When people say that Nairobi is a green city under the sun, I roll my eyes and remember the amount of filth I walk by every single day. Even with all the talk and bravado the new Governor Johnson Sakaja came in with, it seems the state of the capital is fast deteriorating. There is a lack of law and order with motorbikes and business people turning every space on site into a selling ground. Pedestrians have nowhere to walk and the congestion is unbearable.  

Hilton Hotel Closure

We knew this was coming but it's still sad to see one of the country’s iconic hotels leave the country. What will become of the vacant building no one knows yet. What this signifies is the predicament of job losses that the country has been facing long before the coronavirus hit. In fact, the virus only exacerbated the problem. This is a major issue for a lot of people because the unemployment rate is already out of hand. 

Nothing Seems Affordable Anymore

After the removal of the subsidies granted by the former administration, we now have to dig into our pockets further. Fuel prices keep going up, food prices keep changing by the day and everything seems to be going up

I am not paying any school fees but I have heard so many parents complain about the ever-increasing tuition fees and other demands the school impose on parents. Ksh 1000 has lost value. By the time you pick a 2-litre bottle of cooking oil from the shelf, you’ve spent half of it and that’s your Ksh 1000 gone. We haven’t even touched on the ballooning debt. 

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!

You know I was going to start with this line. Nothing is certain but death and taxes and in this country, the one thing we are not going to get a break from any time soon is paying more taxes. The taxman is always looking for more things to slap a tax on but we can hardly see where that money is going or doing. 

Those who are economically adept will explain to you the increased capital gains and all and whether it affects you or not but all in all, we keep paying more. The balance has always been that the rich will be taxed more but can you ever punish yourself?

I might have painted a pessimistic picture of the year. Are you hopeful that 2023 will be better? Feel free to reach out with your opinion on our social media sites. You can also send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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