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Ten Things I Love About DOJO Wellness Club

What a quality gym experience looks like

BY Agnes Amondi

Sep 27, 2022, 08:13 AM

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Have you been changing gyms frequently trying to find the perfect fit for exercise as well as your overall well-being? It’s time you stop looking because we know the ideal place for you.

Going to the gym is more than just breaking a sweat. We go there to interact with other people, escape the daily routine and do something different. That’s what I have been up to at DOJO Wellness Club. 

I received a Zen membership at DOJO Wellness Club and thanks to that, I was exposed to all the services the gym offers which provided a great learning experience on what exercise and wellness entail.  

There's a lot to enjoy at DOJO Wellness Club. Here are ten things I love about DOJO.

1. Classes 

We all have our go-to exercise at the gym. I love doing squats, lunges, push-ups - even though my count isn’t the highest - and skipping rope. You can do all these at DOJO but the great thing is that there’s more to explore.

The schedule is full of exercises - aerobic, strength & conditioning and flexibility exercises. You’ll certainly find something that you enjoy or would like to try for the first time.

I was a first-timer at spin, mat Pilates, boxing, and yoga. Although spin tops the list for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed the other three plus primal fundamentals and callisthenics.

It's about finding new ways to move your body. Doing an activity you were once just a spectator at or thought wasn't a fit for you. This is great because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to expand my horizons. Diversifying your exercise experience makes everything even more exciting. 

2. Natural Movement
This is one word you are going to interact with a lot when you go to 

DOJO. MovNat, as it's referred to, is using your body to do the workout as opposed to having machines help you out. DOJO has been built to facilitate this training technique.

I got a full-blown experience of this when I signed up for callisthenics and primal fundamentals. Expect to do pull-ups, planks, squats, battling ropes, weight lifting and so much more. Push your body beyond the limits and cultivate new habits of working out.

3. Personalised Coaching

I don’t know about you but I'm tired of going to a crowded gym and not having enough space to let my body move freely. This is one of the reasons why DOJO is unique.

Group classes are small - about two to seven people - and at times, you can be the only participant. I was the sole attendee of a fast and furious class and I had the maximum attention of the coach.

There’s no room for hiding although, I generally push myself to complete a workout regardless of the number of people available. You don't have to feel intimated by anyone and the sessions are conducted according to your pace

Strengthen your relationship with your trainer, get instant feedback on your progress and more importantly, you get to look forward to going to the gym.

4. It’s About You

If you have been avoiding the gym because you feel intimidated by how well other people seem to be at it, you have no excuse anymore. DOJO is for anyone who cares enough to want to lift or stretch a muscle. It’s about simple things. No one is asking you to be as good as a yogi after your first yoga lesson or the hulk after callisthenics or a primal class

DOJO trainers understand that everyone is different. I'm constantly encouraged to modify a routine in a way that feels comfortable to my body while still achieving the desired result. 

5. Revive Bar

Is there anything better than a freshly made smoothie or a cold drink after a workout session? This is what the revive bar at DOJO is for. It offers nutritious meals, freshly made from DOJO’s zen garden, to replenish your energy after exercising.
I've had the glow and hulk bowls as well as the cold drinks - pinemelon and mango passion. The hulk bowl is my favourite. It is peanut butter, layered with sliced banana, and topped with granola & coconut. You can sit and relax in their cool open space, have a chat with a friend, work or even enjoy the beautiful view of the garden as you hear the birds chirp. 

6. Locker Rooms

The locker room is one area you need to pay significant attention to when joining a gym. No one wants to walk out with skin irritation or allergies due to poor hygiene.

DOJO has given this space plenty of thought. The locker room is spacious. It has plenty of lockers used on a first come first serve basis. They are very clean so you have nothing to worry about. The bench has plenty of room to sit on. Blow dryers and mirrors are available.
The showering area is clean with functional showers that have an option of a hot or cold bath. Shower gel and shampoo are also provided. The toilets and sinks are clean. Water is available round-the-clock as well as paper napkins. Bins are available, for used towels and other waste so there isn't any littering. This area is spotless.

7. Environment

DOJO is where you go when you are escaping all the noise. Feed your soul with a fresh, calm and soothing ambience. I enjoyed sitting in the bar area. The garden view is beautiful. 

The silence, breeze and the sound of chirping birds never get tiring. This can be your work area - it was mine - or a hangout zone with friends and family. 

Then there is the meditation zone. If you want to have a moment to yourself, take your seat here and relax. Think, connect and enjoy the stillness.   

8. The Staff

Every time I walked into DOJO, I sense a level of care. It's like walking into my own home. Everyone is happy to see you come back or visit. The smiles tell it all. The trainers and general staff are friendly and professional. Assistance is always availed even before you ask.   

9. The Hours

DOJO offers flexible hours. On weekdays, their classes start at seven in the morning and run till seven in the evening. If you have a busy day, you can still fit DOJO into your schedule.

Weekends are an option as well to wind down after a long, tiresome week. You can also start your week at DOJO with their Sunday class or even get a steam and sauna session at the lovely Zen Zone.   

10. The Music

DOJO has great taste in music. When you go, leave your earbuds or Bluetooth headphones in your locker. You won’t need them. DOJO provides blasting, wonderful music that will only motivate you to complete the workout. 

Second, what’s a gym experience without music or decent music? For high-intensity classes such as spin, fast and furious, boxing or primal, you’ll have a high tempo beat that will keep your heart racing.

Ivan’s playlist in spin is as good as you will find. From the feel-good music during warm-up to the upbeat tunes that signal the intensity of the cycle, this is always a highlight for me.

During one of my boxing sessions, one of the punchlines from the booming song at the boxing station was “no pain, no gain”. I thought to myself “how apt?” It's just what you need to keep you going as the muscles get heavy from throwing the punches. 

As you expect in yoga, the music is soft and very light to the ear, giving those relaxing sensations.

There is an endless list of wonderful things at DOJO. Because of that, I have a bonus point for you. 

11. Equipment

DOJO has everything you need for your training regardless of the type of workout you are doing.

Spin bikes, weights, mats for yoga and mat Pilates classes, skipping ropes, boxing gloves and many more. Every piece of equipment is properly maintained and modern.  

I can’t think of any other gym that can replicate the kind of experience that DOJO Wellness Club offers. 

For more information about DOJO Wellness Club, Click Here.

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