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Messages From Leading Women

Listen because they know what they are talking about

BY Agnes Amondi

Aug 26, 2021, 08:47 AM

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This is another piece that shares the minds of some of the leading women in Kenya who work across various industries. Cynthia Mumbo, Liz Lenjo, Asha Jaffar, and Mariam Mpaata are the women who’ll be dropping tips for us today. They have pulled all stops to be where they are. 

For a long time, the little or lack thereof of female mentors was a big hindrance to girls and women. They struggled to find someone they could resonate with. Someone who sat from the same side of the table. But in this day and age, women are in plenty and the numbers are only going higher. The fountain is overflowing, to use an anecdote, and all young girls need to do is drink from it

Without further ado, let’s share with you some of their life’s tips

Fail Forward

In our contemporary society, it seems that everyone, at least from the outside, is successful. You don’t have to go further than your social media feed to encounter this. Someone always wakes up in the morning with an ocean view pouring out of their window, another is always in an upscale corporate building in a private office with a nice corner spot and a city view, the latest fashion is always on someone even before you get wind of it... you get the picture. In short, you are more likely to encounter someone’s success than their failures.

But Cynthia Mumbo tells young people to not be afraid of failure. She says, fail but fail forward. Take that step, when you don’t succeed, you’d be better than you were had you not taken that leap of faith. So don’t sit on your hands. Do what you have to do.

Be The News

Cynthia served up some gems. This was by far my best. She shared a piece of memory from her late father. This was it - be the news. Don’t be the one to watch everyone else blossom while you stagnate. Let us explain.

To be the news does not mean that you are seen on national television or with the largest social media following. It simply means being the best in whatever you are doing, big or small. Striving for the highest possible achievements you can reach in your space. The outcome of the reverse is that you can potentially become resentful as a way of coping with your shortcomings. You never want to inhabit this territory.

So, be the news.

If you want mentorship, be proactive

This is one of those lines that struck a chord. It’s always very easy to point the finger and decry how people who’ve “made it” don’t spare their time to mentor other women. But the question that Liz Lenjo asked was “So what are you doing about it?”

From her experience, not really having an easy way of getting to mentors pushed her to reach out. That is what she did differently. She’s encouraging young people to do the same. Be deliberate and seek out the people you desire to emulate. It’s not the job of the mentor to find you. It’s the other way around. 

You want someone to fit you in their schedule, then you have to be the one to make it happen. Slide into those DMs, get that number from their socials or website, attend events where you'll likely meet them, just make the effort and meet them halfway. Trust, something will materialise.  

Give what you can also use

How many people give out a piece of what they own because they understand the value of their actions? Most people tend to donate items because they no longer have any use for them. Think about the clothes that are taken to institutions like the children’s homes or churches. This is something that Asha Jaffar spoke passionately about. Giving is not charity. Give because you value the person to whom you're giving. Understand that you aren’t doing them a favour because you could have been the one in their shoes. Some food for thought here.

Be consistent & Resilient

Tell you what, in this piece, Yaza shared valuable life advice and guess what one of them was? Consistency. The same has been shared by Mariam Mpaata who is a leader in the sports industry. Nothing beats consistency. If you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll eventually get somewhere. What you need is a solid plan and idea.

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