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Kinoti’s Green Room Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

And why ladies love him

BY Pauline Katethya

Feb 01, 2023, 11:56 AM

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Kinoti is many things. He is a singer, a phenomenal songwriter, and a producer. You haven’t heard of a beautiful, breathtaking, angelic voice until you’ve listened to Kinoti. His music is the type to give you goosebumps. He sings with so much soul and passion, that you can almost feel the music coming out from the depths of his being. 

And what other blessing could we ask for rather than for an artist to graciously share a part of himself with us? Kinoti can sing you in and out of grief, melancholy, and love.

He is a lady's favourite since he shares emotions and feelings, and opens up about things we can relate to, from love to heartbreaks, and mental health. It often feels as if he’s singing to you. 

As if he can see and understand you and he’s telling you, you are not alone. Unknowingly, he also encourages men to be vulnerable in a world that encourages men to toughen up. 

Kinoti is an all-time favourite. If you are hurting, he is the man to listen to. He is your healing. The peace and serenity you need at the end of a long day. The ray of sunshine in dark times and a promise of love and better days ahead.
The talented singer released his debut album Heart to Hurt in 2021 during the tough lockdown times. It is an album that speaks to your soul, from one broken heart to another. Remember, that was the year many relationships died because people couldn’t travel from one county to the other to see their loved ones. In Pictures, he talks about his longing to see his lover, but all he can do is stare at her pictures. 

Heart to Hurt is a sad yet magnificent six-song album, opening up with lovely heartbreaking Pictures and ending with yet another sombre track, Walk Away. Safe Space spoke, still speaks to many people looking for a safe space to be naked and open up about what they are going through. The song is indeed a safe space. 

His debut album, Heart To Hurt is insanely beautiful. He outdid himself on this one. Enter December 2022, Kinoti decided to end the year with a bang. He released his second album, Green Room.

The timeless masterpiece opens with Enough, a lovely stripped performance that talks about a lover who cannot get enough of his partner. It is also a great reminder that we are enough as we are.
What makes this song and most of his music great and unique is his authenticity and ability to sing in Swahili. With Valentine's around the corner, this song can make a good dedication to a lover.

It speaks of an assurance of a happy future ahead. This song puts you in a lovey-dovey mood and even if you don’t have a partner, you suddenly feel as if you have one. 

The next song on his album is Alone, a sad song that talks about love on its deathbed and of lovers who can’t seem to let go even though their relationship hangs on a thin thread.

Nitangoja, is another soothing romantic song, a covenant of love, and a partner promising to wait for their lover, come rain or shine. Add this to your Valentine’s Day playlist and thank me later.

Just as Adele makes you reminisce about a love you’ve never had, Kinoti, makes you feel the same way. If you are feeling low and hopeless in love, this is your go-to song.

In Fall, Kinoti partners with the amazing Ochiko to produce a calming, incredible song that makes you literally fall in love. This is the kind of tune you’ll want to listen to at the end of a long day. Fully is a sweet song, a promise of hope, of someone admitting their toxic traits and promising to love their partner fully and wholly. 

S.O.K.O featuring another talented artist Modest Chabari is a light beautiful song that talks about a beautiful ending, the happily ever after tears, and overwhelming episodes experienced in singlehood. It oozes good vibrations, puts you in a good mood and makes you want to dance. 

Green Room will make you fall in love with yourself, your partner and in love itself. It is a gem, that's worth your time. While Heart to Hurt came from a dark place, Green Room is full of light, sunshine, and happiness.

Kinoti is breaking barriers, moving silently, yet loudly. He is a force to reckon with and we can’t wait for his next album. In the meantime, experience the journey Green Room takes you through and fully immerse yourself in it.