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Is Samidoh's Love That Intoxicating?

Or is Karen a woman used to getting what she wants?

BY Joan Thatiah

Feb 24, 2023, 02:44 PM

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We are not about to see the end of popular mugiithi singer Samidoh Muchoki and his alleged bae Karen Nyamu, an Advocate of the High Court Of Kenya. If Karen's apology after her public antics in Dubai made you believe that she had turned a corner and was about to leave Samidoh alone, think again.

We've been taken through a rollercoaster with these two ever since Samidoh admitted to having an affair with the politician and sired a child her. He released a public statement with a caption to a photograph the singer posted of him holding his wife of 11 years.  He went on to apologize for his ‘mistakes’ and assure his fans that his relationship with his wife is even stronger because of this affair.

Immediately after, followed a comedy-laden storm with Karen at the steering wheel. The post had not been up for five minutes before she went on her Instagram to leak her private conversations with Samidoh, telling him that he had a lifetime bond with her and that he was making a mistake choosing his wife. Then she went on Jalango’s YouTube channel to repeat the same things.

Why We Are Shocked?

TikTok challenges have been done, memes have been made…Kenyans can’t stop talking about her. It’s not news that Samidoh had an affair. We see it every day. What is a little surprising is that Samidoh apologized for it because his predecessors, Kikuyu musicians like Muigai Wa Njoroge and the late John Demathew, came out in the past as proudly polygamous.

What is shocking is Karen’s behaviour. What we are all trying to wrap our heads around is this - Karen is a respected lawyer and politician, she could have any man she wants so why is she stuck on this one who depending on who you ask, is below her league? We are used to the other type of side chick. The younger, ratchet, and broke one who has no qualms getting crumbs from ‘her man’.

Then Samidoh handed us this gorgeous, confident, successful woman and we don’t know what to do with her. Word on the street is that Karen is a drama queen and he would have done better for himself if he had gone for a more subdued kind of woman. The kind that you will deny at a press conference and they will wait for you to come home to start a fight.

Is She A Drama Queen?

I don’t think Karen is a drama queen. I think she is just a woman who is used to getting what she wants. She has the looks, the skill set, and the confidence to open every door she wants. I overheard a woman talking about herself in a matatu the other day saying that she is not hard-working but she is confident.

That everything she’s had in life, she got because she was confident, because she spoke up, and because she went for it. She referred to herself as lazily confident or confidently lazy, I can’t remember.

I think it’s the same with Karen, it’s possible that everything she’s set her sights on in the past, she’s gotten. This has gone on for so long that a rejection from a man she’s had feeding from the palm of her hand for months is like a slap in the face.

Or maybe Samidoh really is all that. Maybe his love is intoxicating and dizzying…who knows?

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