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Going Out On New Year’s Eve?

'Piga sherehe' and stay safe whilst at it.

BY Agnes Amondi

Dec 31, 2022, 04:59 PM

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We are still in the Christmas period, in between days where most people tend to lose track of what day and time it is. Although some people are working, everything seems and feels like it is at a standstill. On the other side of the dragging days comes the New Year. And that’s what this post is about.

Even if there’s nothing else you are doing, planning on how you’ll usher in the New Year is the one thing you are probably thinking about. Will you have an early night or just lie in with bae, family or friends or are you one of those who’ll be out and about, swinging from one party to the next till morning?

Certainly, there’s no shortage of events in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya. In fact, you might be spoilt for choice. For the religious souls, keshas are plenty, hotels offering deals for exquisite dinners are available and parties of all kinds.

As you are preparing to welcome the New Year in style, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Avoid Being Solo

This is a reality that women have to always keep in mind whenever they go anywhere, especially at night. We’ve heard repeatedly about mugging cases in Nairobi and you do not want to be a victim. Wherever it is you will spend the night, make sure you have company and be accountable to each other. 

Have A Designated Driver

If you know you are a heavy drinker and your friends also tend to get carried away during parties, have someone on call who’ll pick you up when the party is over. Do not sit behind the wheel when you are intoxicated, doesn’t matter whether you are staggering or not. The last thing we want to hear on the first day of the year is death. As the slogan goes, arrive alive.

Your Valuables 

Not everyone is at the party to, well, party or usher in the New Year. Some people are there basically to steal. If you will be going to a packed venue then it’s best to leave your valuables at home. If you decide to carry them, be extra careful. Thieves are now a sophisticated lot and can make away with your things without you noticing. 

Drink Moderately

This is the one thing that gets drummed into us whenever the holiday season comes around yet it somehow remains ignored. We know you are excited about the New Year but you should also practise some restraint. Only take what you can handle and leave it at that. We know that going overboard presents a lot of dangers to us so let's take caution. 

PS: This is not an excuse for anyone to take advantage of women.

Eat Before 

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Fill up your tummy before going to the venue. It saves you a lot as you will not have to eat much afterwards, maybe just a drink or two. Second, you are more likely to enjoy the party and be aware of other things other than a rumbling stomach. Third, we’ve all heard about food poisoning at parties. Yes! Eat what you’ve cooked or at a safe place you’ve been before and avoid having food whose source you might not know. 

Listen To Your Intuition

We all get that feeling when something is not right. This is the one time you really want to pay attention to it. If someone approaches you and you aren’t sure about their ask, run for your heels sis! If you feel like it’s time to leave the place, don’t hang around a second longer. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to your backups. 

Watch Your Drinks

This is old news but one that’s worth repeating. Always watch out for your drinks. Don’t leave any of it unattended. You want to take your vigilance level a notch up. This means, even with your friends, do not let them unattended. 

We’ve heard of stories where a friend spiked a friend. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them but in such situations, you want to look after yourself as much as you can. Also, do not accept drinks from anyone. All those plus one drinks might not be the best idea. If it isn’t, great!