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Do You Overshare On Social Media?

Here’s how to know how much is too much

BY Joan Thatiah

May 31, 2023, 09:14 AM

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Everyone has at least one oversharer on their timelines. You know the type. The woman who loves posting her drama, who checks in everywhere she goes, and posts photographs and videos of her child so much that if you saw the child alone somewhere, you would recognize them.

The one who gives details of her relationship blow by blow. If her man does as much as ogle at another woman, you will hear about it. While she fills our Monday mornings with things to gossip about, no one wants to keep hearing about details of another’s sex life - not all the time.

If you are the oversharer in your circles, you thrive on the high that those likes, shares, and mentions on gossip blogs bring. You may be so fixated on it that you are not paying attention to the things that could go wrong.

Your Mental Health Will Suffer.

Oversharers like most people on social media, exaggerate the good parts of their lives.

For a woman on the outside looking in it’s easy for your self-esteem to take a hit because your real life can't be as flawless as you see on social media. We can argue that for this woman, getting her self-esteem back up is as easy as unfollowing some people on social media.

What about the oversharer? What happens if you put all your business out there for everyone to see and then you do not get the appropriate amount of likes? What happens if you get trolled for it?

Future Employers Will See.

Gone are the days employers would wait to see you and ask you questions to get a feel of who you are. These days, before you make it to the shortlist, they will have Googled you and gone through your social media.

I know a woman who lost a job opportunity not too long ago because she badmouthed a former employer on Facebook. Nobody wants to hire a drama queen who can’t resolve even her most intimate issues in private. 

That tale about how your in-laws suck could just cost you your job. I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to get another one out here.

You’re Risking Your Safety.

Before you get onto the bandwagon of playing all the quiz games on social media, stop and think.

When they are asking about your pets, personality, and childhood, you are not paying attention to the fact that answers to those questions they ask are the very same ones you would use as passwords or when trying to verify ownership of your email or social media accounts.

When you leave your home in Nairobi for a holiday in Malindi and share your itinerary with the public, you will have no one to blame if your home is broken into while you are away. You already told us where your home is and gave us a house tour, remember?

When You Post In Anger.

Kenyan celebrity couples are quite good at this. Every time one of them is pissed at something, they will come to vent on social media. This means that every few weeks, someone is forced to eat their words because they did not mean what they said. 

If you have an Instagram live whenever your man disrespects you, it may serve you to remember that when you talk and have hot make-up sex, social media, which includes your friends and family, does not know about it and unlike you, they don’t forgive him. 

Keep posting every fight you have and you will have fewer people supporting your relationship around you. 

It’s Not Your Life.

Most of the time, when you post videos of your home or share intimate details of your relationship, you are trying to prove that you live well.

That your life really is as fabulous as you say it is. The truth is that people don’t care about your life on social media as much as you believe they do.

Most of your flowers will only think about you for the minute or two it takes for them to look at your photograph and read your caption. Imagine how much better your life could get if you invested that time and energy into your real life.

Social media is a double-edged sword. It is great for fun and games but it shouldn’t be an outlet for your emotions or where you go when you are trying to feel better about your life.

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