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5 Things You Forgot To Thank Your Mother For

Because mums are the best

BY Joan Thatiah

May 14, 2023, 11:25 AM

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It’s that time of the year again when we get to pamper our Mums and remind them how endlessly we love them.

Maybe the two of you are like old friends, longing for weekends and holidays so you can get together and gossip. 

Or maybe you’re constantly bickering about how much she wants to be in your business and how much you need her out of it.

Still, there are a billion reasons you should be thanking your mother this Mother’s Day whether biological, foster, or adoptive.

For Being Your Wing Woman.

Did you ever bring a boy home and your mother took a quick head-to-toe sweep of him and shook her head?

But because you were young and stupid and thought you knew all there is to know about love, you went on to ‘date’ this boy only for it to end in tears? Me too. Turns out she was right.

Your mother has been your invisible wingman because she knows you best. Steering you away from men who are not good for you with those stern looks and the ‘hauwezi pata mwingine?’ statements. She deserves a huge thank you for it.

For Keeping You Alive For So Long.

If you have raised a toddler, then you will know that these tiny humans are always trying to kill themselves. 

If he is not trying to climb over the balcony of your third-floor apartment, then he is trying to chew off or swallow those decorative buttons from your couch.

That you are here today means that she did a hell of a job keeping you alive. 

For Her Selflessness.

When you made your debut into this world that many years ago, she made the necessary adjustments to play the role of not just mother but teacher, pastor, lawyer, and security guard.

You can’t forget how easily she put you above her. If yours is a typical Kenyan mum, she would not even look at the sufuria before all your kids were full.

We can’t even begin talking about the mums from that generation who put their children in front of their careers, the ones who turned down jobs and work trips which would keep them away from home for too long.

For The Thick Skin.

Because her generation had a little less to work with than we do, we saw our mothers push through all these societal hurdles in their way. Thanks to this, you can brag about that black girl magic.

For Valuable Life Lessons. 

My mother was a fashionista. For her, it was incredibly important that she looks well put together.

This, looking her best at all times, opened many doors for her. She passed this on to me. Even when I am dead broke, I will put on my best clothes and put my shoulders high.

Whether it was never to visit a home that has children empty-handed or to never forget where you came from, our mums passed on all those invaluable life lessons that have made us the women we are today. Thank them.

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