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Ways To Support Small Woman-Owned Businesses

And buying from them is just one of them

BY Joan Thatiah

Sep 06, 2021, 07:47 AM

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There’s a tiny bungalow that’s been making rounds on the internet in the last few days. It is so tiny that if you were going to buy it, you would need a carpenter to make you tiny customized furniture.

 According to Kenya Projects, the local real estate company that’s selling it, this home was designed as a solution for low-income Kenyans who want to own homes. In our usual Kenyan fashion, we have made jokes and memes from it. What is sobering, though, is that this tiny space costs half a million shillings. Yes, life has gotten this much harder.

With all the other odds that are stacked against her, it’s even harder for a woman trying to start a business in Kenya. The silver lining is that there are little practical things you can do to make the journey smoother for that woman in business. Going out of their way to shop from them is one way.

Give Feedback

I know, I know. That’s what girlfriends are for. Venting when we receive unsatisfactory services or when the dress that is delivered is nothing remotely similar to the one we ordered, right? Giving this feedback to that small business could make a world of difference for them.

If they do not know something is wrong, their products or services will not get better. Instead of the usual social media rant, seek an audience with them on why you were unhappy with their services. If they are doing a good job, a DM on their social media telling them Kudos could be what keeps them going on the rough days. 

Mentor A Woman

If you are already in business, think about taking a woman who is just getting into entrepreneurship under your wing. Show her the ropes of how you have managed to ward off the naysayers, how you have stayed afloat.

If the woman seeking mentorship is in your field of business it is normal to fear, even fleetingly, that she will take over your turf. Worry not, there is always room at the top

Invite Them For Events

Professional networking events for women are now a thing and it’s a great idea as it brings women with similar interests together. It’s a great resource for women to learn from other women how to excel in a world designed to hold them back.

Every opportunity you get, invite women in business to networking events. If they have specialized in certain areas, invite them to speak. Make them figures of authority and watch as their businesses reap from this.

Let Them Know They Are Not Alone

There is nothing that helps you get through a rough spot than knowing that someone sees you, that someone knows your struggle. This person may not be in a situation to help and they may even be a complete stranger but being seen helps you. It’s the same with business.

Reassure a female business owner. Tell them you see them. If you are in business, share with them your own experiences.

Leverage On Your Social Networks

With Covid-19, we all hang out on social media these days. What better way to support that small woman-owned business than to spread the word about them on social media?

There is no better advertisement than a satisfied female client. If you are happy with that small business, tell all your female friends about it and watch that business thrive. If you are going to use their clothes or products in a photoshoot, tag them. Spread the word.

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