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It's The Weekend And You've No Money?

How to have a blast on a budget

BY Joan Thatiah

Aug 20, 2021, 08:27 AM

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Hello Weekend? Is that you? So the weekend is here once again but there is way more month left than the money in your pocket. What now?

We bring you tips that will give you that weekend you deserve without you having to break the bank.

Wine Down

I am not talking about dressing up, going out, and painting the town red. That costs money. I am talking about a bottle of your favorite wine in your backyard. The best part is that when Covid locked us in, we became innovative and in most parts of the country, you can now dial a beer from the comfort of your home.

Pair this with a great playlist and awesome company and you just may begin wondering what the fuss about clubbing is. Seriously.

Thrift Shopping

Thrifting isn’t scouring through social media for those online shops that sell second-hand clothes for twice the cost of new ones. Try the good old thrifting that involves you dressing down, throwing on some Bata Ngoma, and getting your hands dirty in Gikomba, Toi, or any other such open-air market.

Retail therapy truly works and the best part of this version is that there will not be a gaping hole in your pocket afterward.

Crash In Someone’s Spare Bedroom

If you need to leave town for the weekend, you can save up on all those hotel charges by looking up friends or relatives who live in the town you want to vacation in. Borrowing their spare bedroom, or couch, for the weekend could cut your vacation cost in half.

I know, I know, your friend may not like it very much if you bring a stranger back into their home if you go on a wild night out but you get to have a vacation without hotel costs.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

You don’t need to throw a party to get to know the people that live next door. A pot of coffee or a kibuyu of sour porridge will do.

We are in the era of networking where making it in life depends on who you know. The guy or girl next door could be the middleman you need to buy that car or that piece of land. Also, tell them what you do. That could be where your next big break comes from.

And if you’re single, maybe Prince Charming has been next door all this while and all you needed to do was walk up to his door.

Seek Free Entertainment

You have been working hard and you deserve that break. There’s a way to get ahead of your empty wallet. How? Seek out free entertainment in your area in the form of amusement parks and concerts. Who knows, you could end up meeting your next favorite musician.

If nothing pops at you, try volunteering. It might be even more fulfilling than a night out.

Go Dancing

Notice how I did not say clubbing or drinking? Go to that bar you know that has great music and a big dance floor. Stride right past the waiters and the shot girls to the dance floor and try to have the best night of your life.

Let your hair down without spending a shilling. You can have a glass of wine at home or shots beforehand to put you in the mood.