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8 Survival Tips For Living Alone

Hacks to help you make the most out of living solo

BY Karen Muriuki

Feb 16, 2023, 10:05 AM

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Six months ago, I made a rash decision. I moved out of my family home for the very first time in the middle of a freaking pandemic. I thought I'd never survive, but I did, and this is what I learned.

My mom still doesn’t believe that I actually got my own place. Taking the plunge into living alone for the first time can be both exciting and a little scary. On the one hand, it can be nerve-wracking to think of being completely on your own when it comes to some of the less fun stuff like cleaning, paying bills, and dealing with household maintenance.

But on the other hand, it can be refreshing to know that your next place is going to be totally, 100 per cent yours to do whatever you want with, with no one to ask you a million questions or tell you how to live your home life.

But adjusting from living with my family to living solo wasn’t such a hard thing for me, thank God. I had such a strong support system, and a few other tips which helped me through that I want to share.

Budget, Budget, Budget!

The craziest reality that hits you when you live alone is that all the expenses that you never had to worry about before all fall on you- you and you alone. I mean, I still get that shock every month! Rent, utilities, and other living expenses are really not a joke. But having a detailed budget has helped me tackle that shock head-on and made it a little less stressful.

Have A Support System

Whenever you're feeling alone, don't be afraid to lean on your support system, whether that means video-calling family, going out to a happy hour, or just having a friend come over to watch a movie with you.

Make Relations With A Neighbour

Another easy trick if you want to feel less alone while living alone? Make connections with your neighbours, and don't be afraid to socialize with anyone who you hit it off with. This will also come in handy that late at night when you’ll run out of salt or cooking oil and the shops will be closed! Haha.

Befriend People Who Work In The Building

If you're moving into an apartment building or other shared living space, make a point to befriend the people who work there. That way, if an issue arises, you won't feel so anxious about reaching out to them for help all by yourself.

Create Fun Routines

Having moved out in a pandemic has made living alone a little lonelier because I can’t really go out to meet friends or masturdate (go on solo dates). That, combined with the fact that I had to work from home for the better part of last year, made it pretty hard to leave the house.

However, incorporating fun things into my daily routines made it all better. Cooking, music, and books added happiness to my day. Incorporate whatever works for you- be it exercising, watching shows, or trying out new recipes.

Make Or Create

Constructive activity can add an element of variety and purpose. So, construct that balcony garden, bake your own bread, and perhaps even return to the crafts you enjoyed as a child. There are a ton of DIY projects on the internet that can help you out with that.

Cultivate Independence

When you’re able to manage minor problems and tasks on your own, you will not only feel stronger, but you’ll get to know yourself better in the process too. This self-reliance can lead to a lot of growth and maybe make you a more compassionate person in the long run.

Be A Host

You can use this opportunity of living alone by giving your friends the idea of hosting game nights or dinner nights at your place once a month or a week, depending on your schedule and their schedule. This will keep you occupied for that one day every month or every week. The best part is people chip in to help out with the funding for the activity so it will not hurt your pocket.