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Love Lessons From The Duke Of Hastings

Other than how to be such a thirst trap!

BY Joan Thatiah

Feb 04, 2021, 03:33 PM

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We loved the Netflix series Bridgerton because we loved watching The Duke of Hastings. Played by British- Zimbabwean actor Regé-Jean Page, this tall drink of water is easily is one of the best things that will happen to us this year. There, I’ve said it!

Now that that’s out of the way, as we watch the re-runs while impatiently waiting for season two, what love lessons can we learn from The Duke's relationship with Miss Phoebe Bridgerton?

Sexual freedom

We are treated to a sex scene barely three minutes into the first episode of the show(I am not complaining!). While it is thunderstorms, rainbows and fire, the sex in the show isn't just for pleasure, it is also about the discovery of self and sexual freedom. The women are allowed to enjoy it without guilt. In one scene, after they are married, The Duke of Hasting gives Phoebe oral sex purely for her pleasure and not his. Maybe this is a hint that it's time we stopped imagining that sex is a woman's duty and a man's pleasure, maybe it is time we stopped taking those senga classes on how to be good in bed and instead let the men in our lives learn how to pleasure us. It's time we own our pleasure.

The heart wants what it wants

To be honest, The Duke, especially in the early episodes is a proud, arrogant man. Daphne gets a great prospect in the form of a handsome, polished prince but she can’t help what she feels for The Duke, even when he doesn't want to have children with her at first. Sometimes the heart just doesn't understand common sense. If it did, we wouldn't have that woman who steals time out of a perfect seeming relationship to shag some guy in a dingy apartment across town. Everyone wonders what is wrong with her. When asked, even she can't explain it. The heart can't be explained.

Just be honest

If all you can see when you close your eyes is his lips or his stubble, just ask him on a date, buy him dinner and tell him. Don't be like Daphne who began running around with a prince to make The Duke jealous. This doesn't work. If anything, his mother may have raised him well and taught him that a no from a woman means no and if he asks you out and you say it, he will move on. It's 2021 ladies. You can't keep playing games when women out there are proposing to their men. You can too.

Seek consent every step of the way

After they are married, Phoebe discovers that The Duke lied about how sex happens. She goes on a mission to test his strong pull-out game - and succeeds! While she means well and is just trying to have a baby with him, her act of deception almost undoes their marriage. He came around but the next man you try it on might not. Try asking instead. If he doesn't want to, someone else will.

Let’s see what season two will have to offer concerning sass, style, and well, The Duke of Hastings.