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Tips To Smell Fresh Down There

Because every flower smells different


Apr 20, 2021, 10:02 AM

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You don't need to break into a sweat every time you talk about your lady bits. We should be having these conversations boo. So how do you smell don there?

None of us wants to smell bad but sometimes we do. Our vaginas are living organs with a whole ecosystem running without our say or approval. The trick is to be in sync with the system so you can say bye-bye-bye to the funk. Get it!?  

What's Normal Anyway?

Here's the low-down. Every flower smells different but the same uyangithola? There are a million and one reasons why each vagina smells how it does from your hormones, general hygiene, diet or even a potential infection. The point is when u-girl is happy and healthy you can tell. Even though there is a normal smell that differs from woman to woman, a foul smell is a flag for something going on either on the surface or a little higher up. So, here are some simple little changes that will give you that yum-factor. 

PS: If the unpleasant smell insists and is coupled with any itching, swelling or trouble peeing you'll need to see your GP or Gynae stat!

Keeping It, Sweet, Naturally

Who'd have thought the easiest way to keep you smelling good and tasting right would be fruit, duh! Junk food affects not only our cholesterol levels but also the flowerbox below. Eat the healthy groceries to taste like them you dig? Oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon and strawberry help keep your PH under control which will tame odours. Also, if you are prone to UTIs or yeast infections keep your plain yoghurt close and your pure cranberry juice even closer. 

Panties That Matter

I know, there aren't enough sexy undies in the cotton category but all this nylon, lycra, and polyester is making it a little too hard for your vjay-jay to breath. Cotton underwear ensures you've got good air circulation and aren't heating up under the hood. High temperatures get your bacteria levels and PH in a stinky mess too. 

Get Wet 

You know what I mean. Make water your friend and really give the area and a little of the inside a good soapless rinse when you shower. Hydrate too. Pump up your water intake as it reduces the potency of your pee too which helps you generally smell better down there. 

Wipe Right

This might sound silly but don't forget to wipe from front to back. You do not want any of your booty residue to make it to the front because it not only makes a gross combination but an infection time bomb too. Fight the urge to shake it off because there's no tissue in the cubicle or else that's going to bake and stank! 

A quick hack is to use sensitive wet wipes after every visit to get rid of any leftovers of your loo session. This keeps you fresh all day. At this point, I would have recommended panty liners but wearing these on a daily can sometimes affect the air circulation spoke about earlier.

Discharge Can Be Alright

Never forget that in addition to your attempts, your baby box runs on auto and is always cleaning itself up so every now and then so you'll have a bit of clear mucousy discharge. If it isn't a gross smell you're doing alright. If it's persistently like curdled milk or really nasty you might want to get that checked by a professional, fast.

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