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Looking For New Ways To Exercise?

Six exciting routines to keep you in shape

BY Agnes Amondi

Sep 12, 2022, 09:14 AM

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Have you ever been to yoga, boxing, spin or primal class? If you have just registered for your first or considering taking one, then you’ll need to have an idea of what to expect.

Exercising is not entirely new to me - I played football, basketball and athletics - but DOJO Wellness Club introduced me to newer and exciting training methods. 

I got my first experience in spin, boxing, primal fundamentals, yoga, mat Pilates as well as steam & sauna. My prior experience in training came in handy but I learnt a lot of new things so here's what to expect.

Let The Fists Fly

Boxing looks easy, right? so I thought until I stepped into the boxing station at DOJO. First, as any boxer would do, I got my hands wrapped and put on gloves. The warm-up session followed and afterwards, Liz, my instructor, took me through the basics of boxing

We started with the punches - jabs, uppercuts, and hooks - which we combined with boxing footwork, making a proper boxing fist and finally, how to position my hands. We progressed into shadow boxing and then took on the boxing bag.

By the time I was warming down, I realised how demanding and technical boxing is. I found it challenging to recall all the steps - the combination of punches together with hand and leg coordination - but I guess with consistency, it'll all stick. 


I didn’t know what to expect from my first yoga class. I had jitters because my ability to be flexible is non-existent. I can’t go into a cross-legged position because both my right and left sides can’t drop to the surface enough. The strain at the hip is unbearable so, throughout the session, I slightly modified the pose or used a prop to achieve the result. 

What I didn’t expect is the intense sensations produced after holding a posture for a sustained period. If you are heading to a yoga session, keep in mind that it's not a leisure class. The after-effect is relaxation but the routines can be very intense. 

Some of the routines were a bit complicated but after a few attempts and with the help of the instructor, I managed to perform the routines. Concentration is a big part of yoga as it needs you to internalise the pose, maintain it, be present to be in tune with the music and the space and engage your body physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I've heard that yoga gives you a sense of calmness and I can say that it is true. 


From the outside looking in, spin seems effortless. After all, what's so challenging about keeping your legs on rotation for forty-five or even sixty minutes?

At the first gear, I felt like I could go on forever because the resistance is obviously at the very minimum. However, as we dialled it up, peddling became tougher which meant deeper breathing, lots of sweating and constant rehydration.  

What not to do

Forget your face towel. I forgot to carry one and even after this realisation, I thought I would cope but I was wrong. As the session went on and got all sweaty, the use of a face towel became evident so always remember to have one.

Walk to spin without a bottle of water. It’s so obvious that you’ll need water for an intense session like spin, but somehow, yours truly forgot. With the amount of sweating that happens, you have to keep rehydrating before, during and after the session. Make sure you tick this off in your spin class essentials list.

Mat Pilates

Going in, I thought mat Pilates is similar to yoga and just like it, I modified some of the routines - by now you know that my flexibility is not the best - but I also tried a few without any adaptation. 

The key here is to do the pose as best as you can. Avoid unnecessary strain and with time, you will be able to do some of the routines well. Don’t be shy when you go wrong. It’s part of the learning process. Remember, nobody is watching you. Everyone is busy with themselves so if you falter, carry on.

I got through the session rather well although some of my muscles and joints were a bit sore.

Primal Fundamentals

As opposed to yoga and mat pilates, I was fairly confident of my chances in primal fundamentals. The workout routine was familiar as far as we did push-ups, planks, pull-ups and squats.

The primal class happens at DOJO’s functional indoor where you'll find the battling ropes, the push-up poles, the weight balls and the green artificial turf. 

I have seen people do battle ropes. It looks easy - just as anything you are a spectator at - so I got my weight behind the ropes for thirty seconds. 

In the first few seconds, I managed to produce some wavy rhythm to them but as the seconds ticked off, the ropes almost came to a standstill and my arms felt the weight of the ropes.
The same happened with the prowler press. It’s nothing like pushing your trolley through the supermarket aisles. I started on a high and it didn’t take long before I felt the heaviness on my body. 

The pace of my pushing slowed down but I kept going until the thirty seconds allocated was over. Then the weight balls followed. This was the easier of the two. I balanced out a 12kg ball on my right side with a 5kg on my left. 

It was time for push-ups. I performed fairly well on this one as I was able to lift my body, chest height, above the horizontal bar at least five times. 

Steam & Sauna

The Zen Zone is where you will do your steam & sauna. It is between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius of steam and I came out three times before I settled in. To get a sustained period in the steam room, I positioned myself where heat was of low intensity.

I then allowed myself to focus on the moment and as I walked out of the room, my pores and breathing opened and I felt fresh and relaxed afterwards
I then switched to the sauna which is hotter than the steam. I only stayed in for ten minutes because it is hotter than the steam. Nonetheless, having a cold shower afterwards and a lie down gave me the calmness that you can only get after a good workout that ends in a steam & sauna session. 

Are you excited now to try yoga, mat Pilates, primal, boxing, spin as well as steam & sauna sessions?

To experience these classes and get more information about DOJO Wellness Club, click here.