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Talking About Intimate Health

Things you need to stop doing

BY Joan Thatiah

Jan 31, 2023, 06:30 AM

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The vajacial is all the rage with Kenyan women these days. My friend Faye had one not too long ago and she won’t stop gushing about it. Apparently, it’s a spa treatment, very much like a facial, performed on the vulva and the bikini line.

“It’s so good that after, your skin down there feels like a baby’s butt,” she says

“Why do I want my skin down there to feel like a baby’s butt?” I am still wondering.

While it is medically unnecessary, the vajacial is harmless. But it’s not the only thing Kenyan women are doing to their private parts. Like with the vajacial, the intention is to have a fresher, happier vagina but sometimes the result is the opposite. Here is a look into things you may be doing to your vagina which are doing more harm than good.

Chocolate Syrup

You read that right. Your attempts to spice things up in the bedroom might end up with irritation or even infections in your lady bits.

If it’s warm, it sure will feel good in the moment but the sugar will change the yeast and bacteria proportions in your vagina causing infections. It will be a better idea to put the syrup on other parts of your body or your vulva but not inside the vagina.

The Unsafe Sex Toys

Anyone with internet access can buy a sex toy with the numerous websites and Facebook pages like Pleasure World Kenya and G-spot Kenya selling a variety of toys for as low as Ksh 4,000 shillings. This doesn’t mean, however, you should use everyone available.

Toys made of silicone, glass, wood, and ceramic are body-safe to use. Also, be sure that your vendor is reputable lest you end up buying pre-sued toys. These are not things you want to be sharing with strangers.

Keep The Pubic Hair

I don’t know where this came from but once the Kenyan woman reaches young adulthood, the first task seems to be getting rid of the pubic hair. As if it’s a dirty thing. It’s no wonder we have so many mobile wax salons.

Trim them if you must but your pubic hair has a purpose. It helps keep your lady parts healthy by keeping extra bacteria at bay and also prevents issues that come with friction and sweating. The hair is important. Keep some of it.

Stop Douching

The most beautiful thing about the vagina has to be the fact that it is self-cleansing. You do not need to shoot it with vinegar or any other substances that those ladies on River Road peddle, to flush it. It does all that by itself.

Vinegar may make you feel cleaner down there but it also strips off the healthy bacteria that you need to keep away infections. If you are worried about hygiene, washing your vagina with soap and water when you bathe will more than suffice.

Tightening Sticks

It’s like a competition out here on whose vagina is the most elastic. Every other page on social media is selling sticks or crystals and promising that you will be as good as new if you use them.

What they do not tell you is that they make your vagina ‘tight’ by drying it out. Instead of pleasure, all this can promise is painful sex. Plus you do not know what herbs or chemicals go into these sticks.

Foreign Substances As Lube

Things don’t always go as planned in the sack and sometimes you need a little help in the form of lubrication. You will be making a huge mistake reaching for your jar of body oil on the bedside table. Spit, in addition to the fact that it’s off-putting, is unhealthy when put in the vagina.

While most of them will get the job done, the problem with using other liquids as lube other than the standard one medically approved is that some of the ingredients that go into the making of these oils can cause infections and might be thicker and difficult to remove from the vaginal cavity.

Fruits And Vegetables

Again, in the name of spicing things up, you putting his favorite fruit up there may seem like a good idea. It can also seem harmless because they can’t grow roots in there, right?

Well, something worse can happen. The little bits and pieces of fruit that remain in there will rot. Also, you forget the number of pesticides and preservatives that go on fruits and vegetables these days. You will be transferring these to your privates.

Your vagina is a beautiful, delicate thing. There is a lot of information, products, and procedures on your vaginal health, being peddled. The only way to keep yourself healthy is to make informed decisions by doing as much research as possible before buying something or booking an appointment at the spa. If need be, seek the opinion of a doctor.

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