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Has Your Contraceptive Ever Backfired?

What you can do if it does

BY Jedidah Wanjiru

Nov 17, 2022, 03:32 PM

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Has it? Because I can tell you for free that it can make you lose your mind. Weuh!

You've probably had that one scary moment where your periods delayed and you frantically spent time crossing checking your calendar and calculating the days to make sure you haven't missed any. 

Don’t get me wrong. Having a child and being a mom is an amazing thing but there's a difference between getting it when you are prepared and when it just happens. Which is why you were on a contraceptive in the first place. 

One crazy afternoon I got an alert from my calendar that I had not yet indicated I was on my period. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience? Immediately my mind started running numbers. 

‘The last day I was with him was on…did I take the pill or not...was I on my safe days…did I mark my calendar right?’  

The shocking thing is that everything was adding up but the fact still remained that my periods were late. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to figure out what the issue could be. The doctor ran some tests and alas! I was pregnant.  

Fast forward, I am a proud mother to my baby boy, even though my contraceptives backfired on me. I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of what happened but if it happens to you, here is what you can do.

Inspect Your Contraceptives

It is important that you always check the expiration date on your contraceptives. If they are expired, it means they are no longer good for use.

1. Consult your doctor. It is important because the next course of action to be taken will depend on the form of contraception used.

2. If you get pregnant, take a minute to establish how you feel. Find someone to talk to because it will come as a shock. Then, take your time before you make any decisions.

3. If you aren't pregnant, don't sweep the matter under the carpet. You are lucky but it doesn't mean it can't backfire on you. Find out from your doctor how you can use them safely if you decide to go on using them.

4. If you feel it is too risky, you can decide to abstain. Trust, this is about discipline.

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