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Do You Use A Period Tracking App?

We tell you why you should consider getting one.

BY Agnes Amondi

Mar 08, 2023, 10:21 AM

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The rise of femtech is making it easier for us to address some health issues we’ve been concealing or addressing behind closed doors for the longest time. Part of our experience with mainstream healthcare is that it has failed in tackling some of these issues due to little to no research.

One of the areas that femtech is addressing is our reproductive well-being. This is an area that is somewhat explored. One of the things it’s gone big on is ovulation and pregnancy tracking tools. There are several products in the market that are designed to help women keep up with their menstruation cycles and pregnancy. 

I haven’t used any of the two but the former is really helpful in knowing a number of things: when you will experience sudden changes in your body, your fertility days when your flow is likely to start and stop and can also help in planning your pregnancy.

These apps are so big that professional athletes, whose performance largely depends on their body conditioning, use them. In 2019, the United States Women’s Team revealed that they used period trackers during the successful defence of their title. It’s not in the public domain but chances are that many more athletes are using them.

What is the significance of having these technological tools?

We Are In Charge Of Our Health.

Having a period or a pregnancy tracker helps us keep in touch with ourselves and what’s happening inside of us. We are able to take into consideration the changing nature of our bodies and adapt to them rather than react, which is what tends to happen most of the time. 

From the time we start menstruating, we are led to believe that we can’t have control over it. When it happens irregularly, it is easy to feel out of control and that’s why you need a tracker. It will help you to know the length of your menses and make the process more predictable. 

It Provides A Good Understanding Of Our Health.

We might have periods every month but some of us still don’t understand their effects on our bodies. It can be very difficult, particularly for women who have irregular cycles.

Due to this, knowing the dates and the periods of ovulation becomes tricky as it keeps shifting from month to month. The period tracker helps in keeping up with these patterns and brings us closer to knowing how and when things happen

As a result, we are able to put into place the necessary precautions needed to deal with premenstrual symptoms that can be very debilitating. Part of this includes flagging up anything that is unusual and knowing what is normal for us.  

It Helps In Breaking Taboos Associated With Our Health.

Menstruation is not a welcomed discussion. That said, this technology could be just what we need to push the conversation forward. It is changing how people talk about women’s health and the innovations of these apps will eventually lead to more talk. 

We Are Able To Tackle Health Issues That Go Unreported.

Some of the reproductive health issues that women face go undetected as a result of not picking up on them or, should we suspect that something is happening, we tend to dismiss it. As a result of seeing the pattern of our periods on a regular basis, we are able to point out anything amiss and act on it. 

For example, if the periods are too irregular, we have a record and we can present it and discuss it with a gynaecologist. This conversation can be the start of learning more about other things popping up from the tracker.