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Change The Way You Exercise - Forever

Meet the three elite coaches who can make it happen

BY Agnes Amondi

Aug 29, 2022, 07:39 AM

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Is your training routine slowing you down? You keep exercising but with little to no success? Then, it’s time you change how you exercise.

One way you could do that is by having a qualified personal trainer. This is beneficial because you receive maximum attention during your sessions. 

This helps you to assess your performance and improve it. Plus the relationship you form with your personal trainer makes you much more accountable and you will look forward to your training.

Trio with a Midas touch

Ivan, Liz and Ibrahim are expert coaches at DOJO Wellness Club - Nairobi's most dynamic gym located within the cool environs of Karen. They will help you streamline your training habits and get you the results you've been hoping for. 

The three teach different classes - spin, boxing and primal fundamentals - that'll equip you with techniques that will enable you to engage in any type of exercise. 

Yours truly has first-hand experience with these DOJO trainers. They all focus on natural movement or MovNat, training routines that'll help you develop skills that you can use in real-life situations.

All of DOJO's highly qualified and certified trainers understand MovNat and have taken it to heart. This approach allows them to teach good and effective exercise techniques which over time, help you attain realistic fitness goals. 

I spent the day at DOJO with the trio. Let's find out more about them. 

On a well-meaning Saturday morning, I mounted my roughly tiny body on the spin bike for an intense but fun and engaging 45-minute session with the highly-energetic Ivan Mugambi. Here's his story.

Ivan’s Spin Tale

You’ll find Ivan in primal fundamentals, callisthenics and spin. This versatility is something that he's always had. Growing up, Ivan played multiple sports - football, basketball, swimming, rugby, hockey, and cycling.
His transition from sports training to fitness training happened while playing rugby. His gym session provided him with a  different perspective on training and exercise and decided to pursue this further. Ivan is now a certified personal trainer and holds an ACE and natural movement, bodyweight and kettlebell training certificates.

He joined DOJO Wellness Club in 2019 and loves and enjoys it for its diversity,  number of classes and its different approach to training and exercise. 

Why Spin?

I'd never been to a spin before I went to DOJO but it's now one of my favourites. With music booming in the background as you push your leg muscles to cope with the resistance of your bike, you get to test the limits of your endurance levels, something that Ivan is keen on during his session.

“I am always striving for a challenge to push you out of your comfort zone. That’s what sets us up for progress. Gradually, you should have some improvement, however small, which means you shouldn’t be at the same level you were when you started." 

“A spin session helps you build more on your cardio and also work on multiple things like strength building.” 

True to my experience, spinning will get your heart pumping, you will have those deep breaths and definitely get your t-shirt, or tank top soaked in sweat. Most importantly, remember to carry a bottle of water. You’ll need it. 

After that class, I boxed my way through the next sixty minutes. Renowned boxer Elizabeth Andiego, fondly known as Liz, was my instructor. 

I learnt how to land punches - jabs, uppercuts and hooks - not on her - to be quite frank, I wouldn’t want to be at the receiving end of her punches. We established that I’m a flyweight - 41 to 51 Kg, and she is a middleweight - 69 kg to 75 Kg - and very successful at that. 

The Boxing Queen

Liz has built an impressive reputation and because of it, she landed a coaching spot at DOJO Wellness Club. With her, you will not just be in good hands - you will be in perfect hands.

Her association with DOJO Wellness Club began in 2019 but her involvement in boxing stretches back further. She tried her hand at other sports like football and taekwondo but eventually settled for boxing in 2008. 

Liz put her skills to the test in a couple of local tournaments before she stepped up to the big stage. She was one of six Kenyans to represent the country in the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in China in 2012. In the same year, she became the first female Kenyan boxer to qualify for the Olympic games.
“I have always wanted to go to the Olympics. I didn’t know which sport would take me there but I kept training. Then in 2012, I was selected for the World Championships in China through which I qualified for the Olympics. That was a dream come true.” 
Liz, who fights in the middleweight category - 69 kg to 75 kg, has an impressive record. Apart from being a pioneering Olympic female boxer, she held the Kenya Middle Weight Boxing Champion title from 2010 to 2020. 

It's an amazing achievement considering that in 2015, she suffered an accident that kept her out for two and a half years. 

Additionally, Liz has been certified by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) as a boxing coach 

Gloves On

You are more likely than not to spot Liz at the boxing station, taking a class or sometimes sharpening her already refined skills, trading blows on the punching bags. At a glance, it might look easy but it’s anything but. This is the very reason you want to experience DOJO’s boxing station. We’ll let Liz explain.

“When you come in, be ready to break a sweat. Boxing will get you that full-body workout and you’ll gain a lot. You can learn self-defence, it’ll help in relieving stress, keeping fit and making yourself energetic and lively. It’s also a good way of developing your body coordination.

“The good thing here is that you can do boxing regardless of your skill level. There are classes for beginners as well as for advanced individuals and we teach according to a client’s pace"

After my first ever boxing session, which made me appreciate the sport more than I previously did, I jogged over to the primal fundamentals class instructed by Ibrahim.


Before he joined DOJO Wellness Club, Ibrahim was already immersed in the world of exercise. In fact, he said, “my passions were very much engraved in exercising.” 
He got into bodybuilding when he was 13 years old and also played handball in school. He went on to play for the Kenya military sides Ulinizi and Gunners with the hope of joining the military but did not make the cut.   

Ibrahim continued with his training and worked a few jobs before he successfully applied to work as a gym instructor in Afghanistan. This experience culminated in him studying and successfully sitting for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam which gave him the license to work as a trainer.
Together with a group of friends, Ibrahim worked at an outdoor functional gym in Karura which was made possible through a deal with Friends of Karura. This experience was his stepping stone to DOJO Wellness Club.
“One of our team members at Karura designed the outdoor space. He told us about it after which I sent my resume and towards the end of 2018, I joined DOJO.”

In The Spirit of Exploration

If you register for callisthenics or a primal fundamentals class, you will come across Ibrahim. Don’t be intimidated by his physique - he’s been pumping irons - as he repeatedly described weight lifting - throughout his life, so be kind to yourself. 
Once you get down to a session or two, you’ll realise they are doable and you’ll love it - don’t take my word for it, please go try it for yourself. Anyway, why did he settle for these two?
“These classes make you complete. You build your strength, mobility and flexibility, skills that prepare you to handle real-life scenarios. If you are in a situation where you have to jump, run or push things, you'll know how to apply yourself,"

"This is all about natural movement. I learned this back in 2014 and the fact that DOJO's training routines focus on it made me join. It’s unconventional, I find it interesting and is the future of training.”
I was fully spent after my back-to-back classes and I was done for the day.

You can also experience these three classes offered by DOJO Wellness Club and so much more by purchasing a membership. Find more information here.