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9 Instant Tricks To Reduce Stress

Because life can overwhelm you sometimes

BY YAZA Kenya Team

Apr 21, 2022, 10:07 AM

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Life can get overwhelming sometimes. There has been more anxiety than calm recently and I have taken to binging on productivity videos and blogs.

I started watching Matt D’Avella on YouTube recently, and I love how he incorporates humor into important life lessons. 

There’s one video of his that I watched and thought I would share my two cents on it. It’s titled The Key To Happiness In A Distracted World, which he collaborated with author Ryan Holiday.  Stillness Is Key, is the title of one of his best-selling books, and obviously his answer on the key to happiness in a distracted world. 

This state of constant busyness, like overexcited bees, is something that is held up by society as a goal or something of which to be proud. Even though most people are aware that they do not want to live a life that is dominated by being on the go every minute of every day, they still brag about the extraordinary busyness in their lives. 

Cultivating stillness can be done in a few simple ways, that really take the tiniest bit of time in your day. These small minutes of stillness end up bringing less busyness and anxiety and more calmness, mindfulness, and gratitude to our lives.

It might not be worth as much in most people’s eyes today, but here are seven reasons why at times it's important to be still and silent.  

Stillness Is Not Laziness

But it’s important to note that stillness is not the same as laziness. Stillness is a conscious choice to put problems and deadlines aside for a set period of time and let the body, mind, and soul rest. In this spinning world of constant stimulation, a little stillness and silence is a precious gift to your mind and soul.

You Need To Slow Down

Stillness lets your mind slow and calm down. Consciously choosing to practice stillness can help you grab your racing, overstimulated mind by the horns, letting your mind settle into a state of calm that allows you to stop overthinking, worrying, and driving yourself up the wall with circular thought processes. 

Take Time To Recharge

When you are still, your spirit is soothed. You are able to let go of what has been bothering you with greater ease. You can feel your intuition and instincts once again. Your creativity also resurfaces.

Be Present And Leave The Past Behind

Stillness anchors you in the present. When you are still in mind, body, and soul, you are living in the present moment. You have no choice. Being present helps you to enjoy life as you live it rather than bemoaning a finished past or racing towards an uncertain future. You also get to appreciate life more. When you are in the present, you are able to notice the little moments that pass you by, and you have a greater appreciation for them. 

Technology Is Not Everything

Set reminders to get away from technology for just a minute or two, and sit still somewhere. It could be sitting meditation, or simply sitting somewhere pleasant and doing nothing.

Yoga Is Your best Teacher

Do a couple of yoga poses. Child’s pose for a minute or two or downward-facing dog or pigeon’s pose are so relaxing. This can be a meditation, where you’re staying with your breath and body for a couple of minutes and getting a stretch in as well. 

Go For A Walk

While this isn’t technically stillness, it’s moving your body in a healthy way while not allowing yourself to be distracted. 

Do What Makes You Happy

There is that one specific thing that you do that always makes you happy or gets you in a good mood. If watching a movie calms you down, do that. If listening to music heals your soul, do that. Just do what makes you happy. 


There are a number of apps that are purely designed for wellness purpose. Download one, for example Calm, and calm yourself down. Meditate and get back your Zen. it won't hurt I promise you. 

When you notice your mind racing, when you notice distractions and procrastination, when you notice anxiety or resentment, take a stillness break. Give your spirit a much-needed rest and allow the world to come to a halt.
"Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods."
 Ralph Waldo Emerson