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A Cheat Sheet To Having A Great Day

We all need some good vibes


Apr 24, 2022, 07:00 AM

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Adulting is hard, there is no lie here. The quest to happiness can weigh you down.

Yes, being a sunflower in a storm is a tough act. If anything with aesthetical selfies of bright smiles and dimples plastered all over your feed, it can even feel like peer pressure. Sometimes you need the occasional lift to get you going on an off day. Lucky for you we've got the cheat sheet. Here are five tips on how to lift your mood when the going gets tough!

1. Get The Right Soundtrack

Create a soundtrack filled with you guessed it, feel-good music to pump up your confidence and put a little prep in your step. Whether it's the type of Gqom that sounds like the weekend or some twerk-worthy Afrobeat. Mix it up and get ready to bob your head to a lighter vibe.
"I play happy music like Bill Withers 'Lovely Day' and Micasa's 'Mamela'" - Klarissa
 UK researchers actually discovered that music releases dopamine in two main places in the brain and so when you are having a pleasurable experience, like listening to your favourite song,  your brain lights up.  

2. Have A Shake Body Sesh

No! Dancing on your own is not just a weird White-girl thing. It can be super fun, silly and yeah, uplifting. If listening to vibey music isn't doing the trick, put on your best jive music and well, dance. I would have recommended exercise but you would have just rolled your eyes and ignored me.
"I get my favourite dance song and get down baby!" - Irene
 So, dancing does just that. A bump in endorphins will scientifically make you happier. Read, set, shut-up and groove! 

3. Listen to Your Favourite Voice

Whether it's Oprah's Soul Sundays, one of Vusi Thembekwayo's many lectures or an industry-focused podcast. Listening to a comforting voice discussing relatable life or even work stuff can be super helpful when you're feeling down.
"I listen to TD Jakes on YouTube. He always has amazing sermons and words of wisdom" - Anesu
Every now and then you're encouraged by this virtual pep-talk. So pop your buds in and listen to some words of encouragement from your favourite source. 
"I listen to personal growth audios anytime my day goes south"  - Claytos

4. Have A Mantra 

There's no harm in having an affirmation or mantra any time sadness, self-doubt and being overwhelmed creeps in. 
"I play some Hillsong and say 'Jesus take the wheel' " - Fiona
Have words you say to yourself, the universe that remind you that this cloud is fleeting. 
"Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path."

5. Read Something Encouraging 

If you're a Christian, the Bible is a great way to start. If you're artsy pick up and read out some poetry from Rumi or some powerful words from the great Maya Angelou. Any bit of reading that reminds you of the sweetness is a great way to lift your mood. 

6. Search For Your Favorite Meme Plug

I know we all enjoy a good laugh. Whenever I am feeling low and I need a pick me up, I always look up my favorite meme plug because I know he has a few posted up that will have me laughing and lifting up my spirits and mood. It really never that serious.