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5 Dos And Don'ts To Keep Things Fresh After Sex

Because vaginal health is a priority

BY Joan Thatiah

May 13, 2021, 10:44 AM

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So it’s a lazy Thursday night and you’ve just had the most amazing roll in the sack with your boyfriend. Or it’s Friday morning and you finally managed to get him to spend the night.

You know all about the after play, how not to linger or have unrealistic expectations. How about your vaginal health? What should you do and what should you avoid to keep things fresh and healthy down there?

Do: Wash Gently

Peeing after sex is an effective way of keeping urinary tract infections at bay as it will flush all the germs out. Cleaning with some soap and water is the other one. You just need to be careful not to get carried away with the wiping and scrubbing. Fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes are also a bad idea as they strip your vagina of healthy bacteria.

Your privates are delicate areas. Treat them with the gentleness they deserve.

Do: Check The Condom

So you wrapped it up before hitting the sack? Great job. Remember to check the condom for signs of tears after. This is so you know to take emergency measures to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and HIV infection.

The other reason to inspect the condom, believe it or not, is to make sure that it isn’t stuck up there. It happens and if does, you will be prone to infections. Make sure it got out and that it has no tears on it.

If you did not use a condom or if there is a tear, see your health care provider for advice on how to keep safe from STIs as well as prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Do: Go Commando

So you’re all clean and patted down, it’s time to put on some well-fitting cotton undies. This isn’t time for G-strings or those glorious lacy undies you’ve been saving. The more breathable the fabric, the better you’ll be able to keep the infections away.

It’s an even better idea to ditch the underwear altogether. To let your lady bits breathe a little.

Don’t: Forget To Sip Some Water

If you are like most people, then you will sweat a little bit during sex. This dehydration also affects your vaginal health. A well-hydrated body is equal to a healthy happy, vagina.

So as you bask in the after-glow, sip some water. If you can, pour some cranberry juice in the jug. Cranberry juice is highly effective in preventing urinary tract infections.

Don’t: Forget To Wash Your hands

This is the one good habit we’ve all picked up after Covid-19, one that will serve us well if we can keep it up after.

It’s always a good idea to wash your hands after sex whether you used a condom or not. This way, any germs picked up when you touched your partner’s genitals during sex will not be transferred.

Are You Healthy Down There?