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Practical Hairstyles For Ladies Of All Walks Of Life

Worth every penny

BY Mercy Kipchilat

Jan 14, 2023, 02:22 PM

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Ana Carolina
One important aspect of beauty, especially among African women, is their hair. In this continent, women love to express their creativity and versatility through their hairstyles.

There are already thousands of hairstyles available for ladies and more hairstyles continue to be invented every day, so if you are still stuck in the good old days of weaves, you’ll be surprised to see the new styles.

Here is a look at some of the trendiest hairstyles for ladies that are also very practical and worth giving a try.

Knotless Braids

One of the most practical hairstyles for ladies that is also currently very trendy is knotless braids. While from a distance they may look like normal box braids, the technique used in knotless braids is quite different. 

When creating knotless braids, the stylist begins with your own hair and gradually feeds into braiding hair as they progress. The result is a pain-free braiding experience and beautiful natural-looking braids that last longer.

Like normal box braids, knotless braids come in all sizes and colours, the choice is yours. You can also style your knotless braids in a dozen different ways and look chic. 

Butterfly Braids

Source: Curly Girl Swag
The butterfly braids are another new hairstyle for ladies that you need to try. They are braided like normal braids where extensions are added and braided together with your natural hair.

However, as the stylist braids down the length of your hair, the extension hair from each side is slightly pulled out, resembling the wings of a butterfly and the result is absolutely beautiful.


Source: Dreadlock Extensions
If you’ve always wanted to have dreadlocks but prefer to cut out the bulk, then you should try microlocs. As the name suggests, microlocs are an extremely thin form of dreadlocks.

Unlike traditional dreadlocks, Microlocs are less dense, more versatile, easier to style, and neater. 

Faux Locs

Source: Housekeeping
Have you always admired dreadlocks but are afraid of committing to their permanent nature? Well, maybe it’s time to give Faux locs a try. Faux locs are locs that are not real.

They are made from synthetic extensions or human hair and to install them, the stylist first has to braid your hair then the extensions are wrapped around the individual braids. 

Natural Afro

Source: TCB
The afro is a classic ageless hairstyle for ladies that will never go out of fashion, and what makes it even better is that it’s very cheap and easy to maintain, all you need is a good shampoo, conditioner and perhaps some gel and you are good to go.

Wondering what to rock this January with all the economic constraints, rock that natural afro unapologetically.


Source: Everyday Health
If you are a woman on the go who has no time for braids or the patience to get the afro properly maintained then a good wig would be an excellent choice for you.

The good thing about wigs is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours and their installation is quite easy and you can rock any of the above styles in a wig form and people might not even know it’s a wig.